0 LCD Protective Film 5 Integrated Features For Apple iPad Pro 10.5 "2017 Model

[Product] ■ Product Model Number : A-F-TB-5BL7-IPAD-PRO-10-5-17 ■ Product Name : 0 LCD Protective Film 5 Function Integrated Type for Apple iPad Pro 10.5 "2017 Model ■ Content : Quantity 1 ■ Manufacturer name : ClearView ■ Country of origin : Japan ■ Size : (300 x 213 x 4 mm) ■ Usage : ★ one point advice before pasting! ★ ● I recommend a place with high humidity to prevent dust from getting into the film. * Please be careful not to get the product wet. ● Please make sure to check the entire position before applying. ● Use the supplied cleaning cloth or soft cloth to clean the LCD screen. (Don't damage the LCD screen.) ● Do not wipe the adhesive side of the back of the film with a cloth. Dust will stick. ● Use cellophane tape to remove dust from the adhesive surface. In that case, please be careful not to let the dust get caught in the film again and not to make wrinkles! ● To quickly remove air bubbles, use a spatula, or a small piece of cardboard instead of a spatula.
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☆ [5 Safety, Shock Absorption, Bull Light Cut, Anti-Reflection, Antibacterial, Bubble-Less] ☆ Bull Light Cut Film that is gentle to the eyes. This protective film for LCD reduces the amount of blue light (380 to 500 nm) emitted from the LED LCD display by more than 32% on average. A milky white color that does not turn yellow. (Transmittance 90%) ☆ Bubble-less - - - Uses a special silicone adhesive, which naturally removes air and makes it difficult for entering the LCD screen. It is stable with little change in adhesive force against temperature change. ☆ Can be re-pasted OK---Since special silicone adhesive is used, it can be re-pasted.
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