#602 (2E )-24.5

[Product Details] → Other than cosmetics ■ Contents : (Quantity : 1 pieces, color black) ■ Manufacturer Name : CONVERTIBLE Co., Ltd. ■ Country of production : Japan (Upper Italy) ■ Size : (24.5 cm heel height 3.5 cm) ■ Material : Upper Cowhide Sole Material Micro Foam Rubber ■ Usage : Refer to the product description. [Product Notes] ■ Make it a wide type. For those who have wide and fleshy feet.

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This is a pair of pumps with rubber top line that is secretly popular. Above all, it is popular for its comfortable fit. The fit that gently wraps the whole foot is like forgetting to wear pumps. The rubber gently fits your feet, so even if you take off your shoes, it won't leave any marks on the top line. It is also useful for troubles such as swelling in the evening. This item is made of high quality leather made in Italy. It is water-repellent, so you don't have to worry about stains on the leather when you go out in the rain. It is easy to care for. The height of the heel is 35 mm, so you won't get tired easily and it is very stable. The design of the whole shoe is accentuated by the metal fittings with the Convertible logo on the tip of the belt.

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