<<Additive-free, Natural Snack>> Traveling Kelp "Umamin" 20g 3 Set

[Product] ■ Product name : <> Traveling Kelp "Umamin" 20g 3 Set ■ Ingredients : Makombu ■ Content : 20g x 3 ■ Best before date : 1 years from the date of manufacture ■ Storage method : Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. ■ Allergy information : None ■ * For quality control, we do not accept returns other than defective products.
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This is a Makombu from Hakodate-Ofudabe, the largest kelp producing area in Japan. The more you chew it, the more minerals it contains and the more elegant flavor comes out. The white powder on the surface is the umami ingredient (mannitol). Cut 1 slice into 1 to 2 cm pieces. It is put in the mouth and cut to a size that is easy to bite. It is designed to be easy for small children and elderly people to eat. All of them are handmade by female fishermen. "Travel." Enjoy your mood. Please take this product as additive-free snack kelp. - Take a break from work. ・ For nutritional supplement during diet For training and dental caries prevention For children's snacks. - For recovering from sleepiness while driving
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