"Amano Knife" Amano Skinner Knife MB (Serial Number : C 38) "Mercedes-Benz one hundredth Anniversary Model"

[Product] Country of origin : Japan (Seki City) Body : Total Length 170 mm, Blade Length 70 mm, Blade Thickness 4 mm, 0.11 kg Serial Number : C438 Blade : 8-A Special Cutting Steel (Special Cutting Steel made by Aichi Steel : AUS-8) Mirror Polished Blade Finish : The decorative design of Viktoria made in 1894 by M. Benz of Germany is drawn by etching (etching method) containing 24 kg. Handle : Natural Wood Chinese Quines (Hanashi Kinone), Nickl with Silver Hirts Included : Exclusive Cork Decorative Box Exclusive High Quality Cowhide Case (In Box Bottom) Purpose of use : For hunting Storage Box Size : 215x100x46mm Total weight : 0.39 kg * It was made in 1994 to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Mercedes-Benz, and was made by Kazumi Amano, 62 years old. * Please understand that there may be some stains due to the rare items from the store. [Notes on products] * After use, wash with hot water (or cold water) and wipe the blade carefully with a dry cloth. You can keep it clean for a long time. ※ In order to keep the sharpness, please sharpen occasionally. ※ Please store out of the reach of children. * Please do not use for anything other than the intended purpose. * The color, size and material of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the circumstances. Please understand in advance. * Product and package specifications may change without notice. Please understand in advance. ■ Please do not bring this product into the aircraft. Please make sure to put it in the checked baggage and carry it. ■ This product is a cutting tool. Please take care not to cause any accidents or injuries. ■ Please do not use this product in a dangerous manner.
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This is a knife made by the Japanese knife craftsman "Hajime Amano" who is carefully selected by the German "Mill Points". It is carefully polished with a mirror finish with 24 kg of decorative patterns and is made with by 1. 1 This item is highly valued by German knife enthusiasts. Amano is particular about the handle and uses natural Hanashiki roots that are not available now. The grain is beautiful and it is a wonderful finish. Because it is a commemorative model, it is popular as an ornamental, but it is finished as a hunting knife. The root of natural Kibana pear is said to be difficult to finish, but Amano is beautifully polished by impregnating with unique resins. This Skinner knife (hunting knife) is a knife with a unique shape that is made for slaughter of prey and Thread-sail Filefish, and the blade width is wide and the curve from the edge to the edge is large. Can be applied to any game. In addition, it comes with a high quality leather case with belt loops, so it is convenient to carry. The hand made by "Hajime Amano Mi", a knife craftsman from the world famous Seki City of Katana, is finished in 10 minutes.
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