Animal Bekko Candy Green Tea 15 Piece Set

[Product] ■ Product name : Animal Bekko Candy Green Tea 15 Piece Set ■ Ingredients : granulated sugar (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, oligosaccharide, matcha ■ Contents : 65g ■ Best before date : 180 days ■ 1 display of nutrition facts (5g) : 19.8 kcal of heat, 0g of proteins, 0g of lipids, 4.9g of carbohydrates, 0g of salt equivalent. ■ Allergen labeling : None ■ Storage method : Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. ■ Manufacturer : Yashu Takamura Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Size : (Width 140 x Depth 15 x Height 200 mm) ■ Material : Exterior PP, Individual Packaging PP ■ Usage : Open the individual packaging bag and enjoy. [Product Notes] ■ Please as soon as possible after opening. Please be careful not to let the candy get stuck in your throat.
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Using carefully selected high quality ingredients, this product is made with great care using the traditional direct heating method. It is a product that is easy to match with a wide range of age groups, and it follows cute animals. Please enjoy the gentle sweetness and the deep flavor of matcha produced from the exquisite balance of selected ingredients.
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