Bamboo Ring


■ Product name : Bamboo ring

■Contents:2 pieces (size selectable)
Ingredient: Japanese bamboo
Size: 5-12 (US size)

■ Manufacturer : Nagaoka Meichiku Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Size : Length 80 mm x Width 65 mm x Thickness 5 mm

■ Material : Bamboo

■ Usage : Please use this product as a ring.


[Product Notes]

• As it may cause mold, if it gets wet, wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it in a well-ventilated place.

• Do not apply strong force such as pulling or pushing to prevent deformation or damage.

• Do not store in areas exposed to direct sunlight as this may cause deterioration.

• Please be careful of accidental ingestion by small children or pets.

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There are 3 national qualifications related to bamboo, and only 2 people in Japan have obtained these three first-class qualifications. It is truly a qualification at the level of "Living National Treasure", but our representative has acquired a qualification that is so difficult to acquire. They also poured their skills into the Takegaki construction of Katsura Imperial Villa, Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Kyoto Palace, Heian Jingu, Kinkakuji, and Ginkakuji. It is a bamboo ring made of Kyoto bamboo. The bamboo is carefully split and stripped to form thin bamboo lots, then woven into rings one by one. Bamboo, which has been deeply involved in the life of Japanese people since ancient times, has become hide as the lifestyle has changed. We are committed to the development of products made of bamboo that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. We hope that people will understand the beauty, flexibility, and functionality of bamboo. Enjoy the gentle coloring and comfort of natural materials. ■Size 3.0 US Width: 14.0mm Circumference: 44.0mm 3.5 US Width: 14.7mm Circumference: 46.1mm 4.0 US Width: 15.0mm Circumference: 47.1mm 4.5 US Width: 15.3mm Circumference: 48.2mm 5.0 US Width: 15.7mm Circumference: 49.2mm 5.5 US Width: 16.0mm Circumference: 50.3mm 6.0 US Width: 16.3mm Circumference: 51.3mm 6.5 US Width: 16.7mm Circumference: 52.4mm 7.0 US Width: 17.0mm Circumference: 53.4mm 7.5 US Width: 17.3mm Circumference: 54.5mm 8.0 US Width: 17.7mm Circumference: 55.5mm 8.5 US Width: 18.3mm Circumference: 57.6mm 9.0 US Width: 18.7mm Circumference: 58.6mm 9.5 US Width: 19.0mm Circumference: 59.7mm 10.0 US Width: 19.7mm Circumference: 61.8mm 10.5 US Width: 20.0mm Circumference: 62.8mm 11.0 US Width: 20.3mm Circumference: 63.9mm 11.5 US Width: 20.7mm Circumference: 64.9mm 12.0 US Width: 21.0mm Circumference: 66.0mm 12.5 US Width: 21.3mm Circumference: 67.0mm
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