Sotsugyo Sengen Bath Towel


■ Product Name : Bath Towel Graduation Declaration 2 Piece Set

■ Product details :

Content : About 135g/1 pieces

Material : Cotton 100%

Size : Body width approx. 33 cm x height approx. 100cm/1 pieces

■Color :

Blue, Pink, White, Emerald Green, Campus Blue, Cherry Pink, Cinnamon, Indigo, Sunset Orange, Wood Brown, Pearl Gray, Turquoise Blue, Royal Purple, Pistachio Green

■ Manufacturer name : Honda Towel Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Size :

Body width approx. 33 cm x height approx.

100 cm / 1 pieces Bag state : width approx.

16 cm x length approx. 25 cm x thickness approx.

5 cm / 1 bag

■ Material : Body : 100% cotton Bag : Plastic plastic bag [Product Notes]

■ At first, the fuzz will fall off. Wash separately from other items.

■ Please note that if the product is soaked in water or sweat for a long time, the color may transfer to other things.

■ Do not use chlorine detergent or bleach as it will lose color.

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A large-sized bath towel is bulky and it's hard to dry it. This towel is made of "lightly twisted combed yarn" and has achieved a sense of volume, lightweight, and water absorbency through the original bleaching technology (currently patent pending). Even though it is compact, you can dry your wet hair and body after taking a bath with only 1 sheet. Why not graduate from a bulky bath towel and use this new and compact bath towel that is less than 1/2 the size?
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