Cell Return LED Mask


■ Product Name : Cell Return LED Mask

■ Contents : 1 (520g)

■ Manufacturer : J Glory Co., Ltd.

■ Country of Origin : South Korea

■ Size : 289 x 198 x 120

■ Material : Input Power DC5V. 2A Built-in Lithium Ion 2000 mAh

■ Usage : The purpose of using the cell return mask is slightly different from the purpose of using a third party product. I think that the products of other companies are often used to enhance the absorption power of cosmetics, but cell return masks are products that enhance the absorption power of cosmetics by discharging dirt in the skin. The amount of dirt discharged depends on the age, the age of the skin, and the nature of the skin. The skin that is regenerated every day contains both keratin and dirt. By using this mask, it is possible to smoothly discharge small dirt and toxin which can not be confirmed with the naked eye. If you use the mask continuously, you don't have to remove the keratin separately. After removing makeup, use a cell return mask on the face. Mask in use, dirt (not visible to the naked eye) and keratin can be removed, so it is recommended to wash your face with warm water after the irradiation. After that, if you use your favorite cosmetics, the absorption rate will please give plenty of moisture to your skin. You can have your makeup done after that. We recommend that you use it at least 3 times a week. In the early stages of use (3 weeks to 1 months in the dark), the cells become active and you may feel dry and manic. Please apply your favorite skin lotion and give plenty of moisture to your skin by using moisturizing cream or moisture pack. In addition, it is recommended to use a mask after using basic cosmetics during the dry season (winter or change of seasons). * There are no restrictions on the period of use or the number of times. However, regular use is activated skin cells is preferable to prolonged use because regular use of activated skin cells and regular rest periods is good for skin health.

[Product Notes]

■ Those who have skin diseases or have undergone plastic surgery. In the past, if you used steroid ointment when you had acne treatment or atopic treatment There is a possibility of temporary skin trouble due to the steroid component that permeates into the skin. Those who have undergone plastic surgery (surgery to insert silicon etc.), please use this product 6 months after the surgery. It takes about 6 months for skin rest by plastic surgery. After the skin is rested at blue wavelengths from the day of the procedure until it is sedated (depending on the individual), red plus near-infrared wavelengths can help regenerate the skin.

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This is an LED mask that uses near-infrared technology that is in the limelight in the medical field. It is very popular in Korea and sells 15000 units every month.

Do you have any skin problems like this?Freckles, spots, wrinkles, sagging the spread of pores? Beauty essence difficult to feel the effect of beauty essence alone. Beauty treatment takes time and money, so it is difficult to go.

As the name for 20 minutes to activate your skin cells as the name "Cell Return" suggests. 1 Equipped with patented technology, it has a sense of security that there is evidence from clinical trials, and it is easy to care for your skin by wearing a mask and waiting for 20 minutes.

★ Red LED * Increased tension and elasticity * Improved wrinkles and sagging * Improved dark circles and dullness * Improved edema

★ Blue LED * Soothing acne * Soothing atopic skin * Tightening pores * Fixes skin texture

★ Pink LED * Relieves acne scars * Soothing skin troubles * Tightens pores * Fixes skin texture

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