CHAIRS+ "Persimmonchair / Daisaku Cho"

[Product] ■ Product name : CHAIRS + "Persimmonchair / Daisaku Cho" ■ Content : This is the first chair with a racket structure in Japan. ■ Name of manufacturer : Coney Company Limited ■ Country of origin : Japan ■ Size : 215 x 295 mm ■ Frame Size : 305 x 395 x 24 mm ■ Material : Wood, Paper
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◎ About "CHAIRS +" I would like to introduce you to "Chairs" by the artist "Kubota Kiraku / Kiraku Kubota", who is working on the theme of love and nature. "Chairs +" is an original painting drawn on paper with acrylic and a pen, inspired by the beauty of the shape of chairs and their names. It would be great if you could feel the overflowing energy of life that comes from the modern and impressive work of black and white. ◎ Message from Kubota Kiraku "CHAIRS +" is a work that takes the shape of a human body with legs, seat, back, and arms as its motif. I think that chairs with legs, seat, back, and arms are a special kind of furnitures. Many fashion designers and artists have been involved with those chairs. There are no other furnitures that give such a great influence to fashion and art, and architects and furniture designer have tried to design chairs according to the needs of the time. I have been inspired by the works of art created by the people who are now called masters among architects and furniture designer since the 1800 s. Then, I drew as I wanted a space that gushes out from the mind and body, and various living things and spirits that gush out in the nature by fusing with those chairs. ◎ Kubota Kiraku / KIRAKU KUBOTA profile Born in 1975. After graduating from university, after graduating from university. Worked as a field manager in the sea and mountains. After retiring in 2001, he has been producing his own painting under the theme of love and natural environment. He started live painting in various places. He also started producing "CHAIRS" with the theme of chairs for masters. He supported the concept of "RECYC' art / lithikraat" which reconstructs waste and unnecessary things as art works. He has been working as a RECYC' artist since 2007. Recently, he has been working as a manager of "RECYC" art ". He has been working as a manager of" RECYC "art. He has been working as a manager of" RECYC "art. He has been working as a manager of" RECYC "art. He has been working as a manager of" RECYC "art. He presented shoes and works made from recycled garbage collected by Ken Noguchi and others at Everest. Miyazato Ai Sugiyama Shigeki Maruyama Yuichiro Miura
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