Chojyugen-Pork Rice Bowl Sauce 230g (5 pcs) x 2 Set (10 pcs)

[Product] ■ Product name : Chojyugen-Pork Rice Bowl Sauce ■ Contents : (1 (230g) Quantity 5 x 2 Set) ■ Ingredients : Processed soy sauce (soy sauce, maitake mushrooms, dried shiitake mushrooms, salt) (made in Japan), sugar, starch syrup, onion, sake, carrot, mirin, garlic, green onion, ginger (some contain wheat and soybeans) ■ Manufacturer name : Obihiro Propane Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : (Japan / Hokkaido) ■ Size : (55 x 55 x 270 mm) ■ Best before date : 1 years from manufacture ■ Storage method : Please store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. After opening, store in a refrigerator (below 10 ℃) and consume as soon as possible.
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This is a sauce with a mellow and delicious taste. It is based on Hokkaido maitake source Soy Sauce "which contains Hokkaido maitake mushrooms and shiitake mushroom extract, and it is simmered thoroughly with plenty of vegetables. ● How to make : Add the sauce thinly in a frying pan and bring to a boil. Add the thinly sliced pork and adjust the heat so that the sauce doesn't burn. Put the meat on top of the rice, pour the broth and it's done. * No chemical seasonings or preservatives used. The "Source of Longevity" aims to create a food that is healthy and gentle to the body by focusing on the natural taste and limitless power of nature. I think that food that everyone can eat safely is the source of longevity. ■ Contents : 1 (230g)
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