"Chusen Honzome" (a Japan-specific dyeing method) MameShibori <top and bottom>

The 4th head of Kimono Hondaya, which opened in 1935, made a high quality mask using traditional techniques!

・ Fabric : 100% cotton
・ Surface : Shizuoka Prefecture Chusen Honzome Mame Shibori top and bottom
・ Inside : Non-woven Fabric (Made in Japan)
・ Back : Billiken new moss white plain cotton 100%
・ Width : Approx. 23 cm, Rubber Band Part Length : Approx. 7 cm
Please use the nose / chin part by spreading it out according to your preference.
・ The pattern and appearance of the pattern may differ each piece because it is hand-made.
・ Ear rubber : Use rubber that can be obtained from time to time. It is tied lightly, so you can adjust the length to your liking, and you can change it by yourself.
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It is the most traditional technique to dye yukata in Japan. It is dyed with "Chusen" which is a dyeing method unique to Japan. It is dyed from the front to the back, so both sides are dyed in the same way.
You can enjoy the taste and atmosphere created by hand dyeing each piece. The craftsmen dye it by hand, so even if you make 100 pieces, each of the 100 pieces is slightly different and creates a human atmosphere.
In addition, this item is made of 100% cotton fabric. Since this item has been used as a personal item for a long time, it can be used as a mask for daily use as it is made of yukata or tenugui fabric that comes in direct contact with the skin.

The new moss used for the lining is made of 100% cotton. Made in Japan, this item is finely woven and has a soft texture. It has excellent water absorption and quick-drying property among cotton materials. This product has been used for a long time even now.
In addition, it is a triple structure with Japanese non-woven fabric inside.

We use Japanese-made soft cotton and linen materials. And the Japanese dressmaker of Hondaya carefully sew each piece.

This is a mask that is becoming a necessity due to the damage caused by covit-19, but I want you to wear a Japanese high quality one, so I made it.

◆ The pattern of 1 sheets and 1 sheets is different.
◆ Do not iron with non-woven fabric as much as possible. Or ultra low temperature, please.
◆ This item is made from a natural material that is wrinkled by the sewing process, so it is brown. There may be color fading or slight stains due to dyeing.
◆ The size may vary depending on the measurement method and individual differences.
◆ Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please be aware of the above and proceed with your order.

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