Clock Wooden Analog (Munk / Keyaki)

[Product] ■ Product name : Clock Wooden Analog (Munch / Keyaki) ■ Content : Clock Battery ■ Manufacturer : Ikawa Sculpture Store Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Size : W170 x D40 x H105mm ■ Material : [Body] Zelkova [Needle] Cypress ■ Usage : Please use it as a clock. [Product Notes] ■ As it is made of wood, it may be damaged by strong impact. Please be careful. Especially the needle is very delicate. Please be careful not to apply force. Please avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a long time. Do not store in places with high temperature and humidity. If you get an unmanageable scratch or damage, we will repair it for a fee, so please let us know first.
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The unique shape of the clock makes you want to touch the natural wood of zelkova. Of course, the needles are also handmade! It is hand carving of cypress. Please enjoy the warm taste which is made by the craftsmen with their heart. This loose shape is a clock that is like a healing art object. the more you see it, the more you become attached to it. It changes every year as it gets sunburnt. I would like you to take care of them for a long time by stroking them occasionally. The movement is made by Seiko. The feet are small and made of zelkova. The 4 feet are made of the same pure zelkova wood as the main body and are molded with rokuro. The needle is used for the needle. This is the one of-a-kind watch made by the third generation 彫昌. The second hand is colored to be a focal point, and its gentle motion may be overlooked, forgetting the time. Enjoy the texture of the wood that is made only with oil, and enjoy the change over time.
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