Coffee Gift Box * 2 Bags of Biei Hill Kaori (Hokkaido Biei Soybean Blend) and 1 Bags of Mild Blend (Mild Blend Grinding Method : Powder)

[Product Content] Product Name : Coffee Gift Box Content : ■Content : 200g x 3 ■All ingredients : soybeans, coffee beans ■Quantity : 1 box ■Expiry date : 6 months unopened, 1 months after opening
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This is a set of 3 bags of "Biei Hill no Kaori" coffee which is a blend of soybeans and coffee beans from Biei, Hokkaido, and "Mellow Blend" which is our basic blend. Comes in a gift box, making it ideal for gifts. It's our original coffee, and it's a healthy coffee which is a blend of 1 to 1 of coffee beans and soybeans grown under contract by farmers in Biei. * Soybean blend coffee is only powder. It is blended with our standard (half tone) taste. The sourness and bitterness of this coffee makes it easy to drink. ※ Grinding method : Flour [About the effect of soybean blend coffee] Soybeans are rich in proteins and have a good balance of essential amino acids. Linoleic acid and lecithin contained in soybeans are also useful for the prevention of arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, and obesity prevention. In addition, it contains minerals, vitamins, saponins and other ingredients that are effective for maintaining and promoting health. The soy beans in Hill no Kaori (Soy Blend Coffee) is a healthy coffee that is blended with coffee, using carefully selected beans that go well with coffee, and cultivated under contract through natural farming methods. [Points to adding soybean blend coffee] There is no problem with the soybean blend coffee when you use a coffee maker, but the limit is 2 cups because the soybeans can clog the paper when you do it by yourself. Also, it takes a little longer than regular coffee. [About the effect of coffee] When it comes to coffee, it is often said that you are consuming caffeine, but coffee beans contain 1.5% of caffeine, and a cup of coffee contains 80 to 100 mg, which is not much different from green tea or black tea. As for the effect of caffeine, when you take it, the diuretic effect becomes active and the physiological effect of cleaning the blood increases. Also, it stimulates nerves moderately, makes the head clear, and recovers fatigue. In addition, coffee, like wine, is considered to be an alkaline drink, so drinking it after acidic foods, such as meat dishes, keeps the balance. However, please note that if you add sugar, the alkaline quality will be lost. Fresh coffee is a health drink. [About Home Roasted Coffee Shop "Kita Kobo"] In 1989, coffee shop "Kita Kobo" was opened in. Biei-cho, a small rural area of about 11,000 people, was beginning to see "agricultural landscapes" as "landscapes" with the help of the late landscape photographer Shinzo Maeda, and was about to turn into a tourist spot. When I was doing business in such a situation, I realized that coffee beans are agricultural products, so I wanted to make coffee beans one of the PR activities of Biei, and I wanted to give small support to farmers. Inspired by the fact that there was substitute coffee in the past, the soybean blend coffee (Biei no Hill no Kaori) is a blend of 1 to 1 coffee beans, made from carefully selected soy beans that go well with coffee, cultivated under contract. Please give it a try.
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