[J' no Spa] Moist Set

【Set Content】 ■J nospa White Skin Lotion [Toner] 150 ml ■J nospa Excellent Skin Essence 150 ml ■J nospa Excellent Soap 100g ■Soap Dish for Excellent Soap
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This is a moist set from J' no Spa. It has a chewy texture and makes your skin feel moist. Moist and soft skin. For those who want to create moist, smooth, elastic and firm skin. This cosmetic set is recommended for those who want to moisturize their skin. From the lineup of J nospacosme, we deliver a set that enhances the moisturizing effect and helps to moisturize the skin. Excellent skin essence is a gel type beauty essence with moisturizing ingredients added to natural hot spring water, is safe for troubled skin. It can be used as an all-in-one gel, but you can use it more effectively by using it together with a set product. <> ■ J' no Spa white skin lotion [toner] : Natural hot spring water with moisturizing and whitening ingredients gives skin moisture, firmness and transparency. It also promotes the permeation of excellent skin essence. ■ J' no Spa Excellent Skin Essence [beauty essence] : This is a gel type beauty essence with moisturizing ingredients added to natural hot spring water that is safe for troubled skin. Can also be used as an all-in-one gel. ■ J' no Spa Excellent Soap : It is a luxurious soap which is made by adding argan oil and olive oil to the moisture like hot spring water. What is important is moisture care from face washing. ■ Excellent Soap Dish : It is a privilege only for the set buyer. [Set Contents] Jetinospa White Skin Lotion [Toner] 150 ml ■ jetinospa Excellent Skin Essence [Beauty Essence] 150 ml ■ jetinospa Excellent Soap Cosmetic Soap) 100g ■ Excellent Soap Dish "J' nospa (jetinospa)" is a natural beauty product that uses natural ingredients that are gentle to the skin and enhance the moisturizing power of natural hot spring water. The natural hot spring water used in J nospeculus is said to supplement the skin's regenerative and healing power. It is a dream hot spring in Hakodate City, Hokkaido Prefecture, which has long been popular as a hot spring for beauty among local people. I have only one wish. "I want to give light to skin problems." Many people suffer from skin problems. Is a cosmetic product that contains natural hot spring water and natural ingredients. jetinospeculus ■ "Bihadanoyu" which used to be a hot spring cure in the past : Jinkawacho, where Dream Onsen Hot Spring is located, has been a precious place in the history of Hokkaido-Hakodate area, which has been suffering from a water shortage, and has supported the lives of people. The spring water, sulfur cold spring, was discovered by Matsuura Takeshiro, an explorer who is the godfather of Hokkaido Prefecture, and was introduced in "Ezo Diary" in 1845. It is also known as "Bihada no Yu" (Hot Spring for Beautiful Skin) because of its excellent healing power and smooth skin. In 1902, a hot spring resort was established. 19 In 03, Hakodate Takano-ji Temple was designated as "Kamiyama Reijo Okunoin" (Inner Temple of Kamiyama Sacred Place), and many people still visit there. There are a Jizosama of Shikoku Sanjusankasho along the road nearby, and it is rare in Hokkaido. 88 ■ Simple sulfur spring with excellent skin cell regeneration and healing power : The dream hot spring is a colorless and transparent simple sulfur hot spring. Because the stimulation is weak, people from children to the elderly can take a bath without worries, and it is also good for treatment during recovery from illness and after injury. It is said that the reason why it has been loved as "hot water for beautiful skin" is the regenerative power of skin cells that activates the metabolism of the skin. In addition, Dream Onsen, which is alkaline, has fine mineral molecules and high permeability to the skin, which makes it possible to remove old keratin gently and flexibly, and to work deep into the tissues. ◎ Spring quality : Simple sulfur hot spring (alkaline low-tone hot spring) ◎ Indications : neuralgia, myalgia, frozen shoulder, joint stiffness, swelling, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, chronic skin diseases, convalescence, fatigue recovery, health promotion, cuts, chronic women's diseases, sensitivity to cold, diabetes mellitus
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