Mejika Liner Gel Liner Chocolate Brown 12 Piece Set

[Product] ■ Product name : mejika Liner Gel Liner Chocolate Brown ■ Content : ※ All ingredients : Trimethylsiloxysilicic acid, metyltrimetikon, dipentaerythrityl pentaisostearate, polyethylene, Carnauba Wax, jojoba seed oil, chamomile flower extract, macadamia seed oil, sage leaf extract, shea oil, sodium hyaluronate, squalane, candelilla wax, sorbitan sesquiisostearate, dimethicone, tocopherol, octyldodecyl myristate, silica, BG, water, methicone, aluminum hydroxide, (+ / -) iron oxide, mica, titanium oxide ※ Quantity : 12 ※ Chocolate brown ■ Manufacturer name : Chamore ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Usage : If you rotate the container, the core will come out from the tip. ※ Please roll out the core about 1 mm before use. The lead will not return. ※ Please draw a line carefully along the gap between the eyelashes and the edge of the eyelids. If you don't try to draw all the way to the end at once, and draw little by little, the result will be beautiful. [Product Notes] ■ We recommend using makeup remover for the area around the eyes. Precautions on Use and Storage - Because it has a soft core, it may break if it is pushed out more than 1 mm, so please use it by pushing out about 1 mm. - After use, please close the cap firmly until it clicks. Do not close the cap with the core out. - Please be careful not to let the product enter your eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with cold or lukewarm water. If you still feel a foreign body, we recommend you to consult an ophthalmologist. - Please use this product carefully to check if there are any abnormalities on your skin. Discontinue use if the product does not suit your skin, in the following cases. Continuing to use the product may cause any symptoms to worsen, so we recommend that you consult a dermatologist. (1) If abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, loss of color (white spots, etc.) or darkening develop during use. (2) If any of the above symptoms appear on skin to which the product has been applied upon exposure to direct sunlight. • Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling or eczema. • Keep away from extremely high or low temperatures and direct sunlight, and store out of the reach of children. • Please note that the product may not fall off if it comes into contact with clothing. ● Because it has a soft core, it may break if it is pushed out more than 1 mm, so please roll it out about 1 mm before use. ● Please note that the core will not return once it has been drawn out.
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Creamy and smooth. Pencil type gel eyeliner. Gives a sharp impression.
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