Pueraria mirifica 99 (60 tablets)

■ Contents : 19.8g (330 mg x 60 tablets) ■ Ingredients : Pueraria mirifica mirifica powder, sucrose fatty acid ester, crystalline cellulose ■ display of nutrition facts : 2 tablets (660 mg) ◆ Heat : 2.54 kcal, Proteins : 70.03g, Lipids : 0.02g, Carbohydrates : 0.56g, Sodium : 0.01 mg ◆ Pueraria mirifica mirifica 653 mg ■ 1 day standard : 1 to 2 tablets a day ■ Country of manufacture : Japan
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Contains 99% more Pueraria mirifica mirifica! Contains 653 mg per 2 tablets! Since June 2020, Pueraria mirifica has been designated as a food containing designated ingredients, and it is no longer possible to produce Pueraria mirifica products with high contents. The Pueraria mirifica 99 series, which has been on the market for 18 years, was finally discontinued in May 2020. That's why I have the last chance to get a Pueraria mirifica supplement with the highest content. We are really out of stock! Pueraria mirifica mirifica is a plant of Leguminosae, Pueraria, which grows naturally in Thailand. In Thailand, it is called "Gaukurua" and is a traditional health food for beauty that has been familiar to the Mong minority for more than 100 years. It has been discovered that Pueraria mirifica contains a large amount of isoflavone ingredients, and that soybeans do not contain these isoflavone ingredients, such as "myosesterol" and "deoxymyosesterol." The "Pueraria mirifica 99" of I uses only the bulbs of "White Gaukurua" produced in Thailand, and refined in Japan. Using our unique manufacturing method, we succeeded in adding 99% of Pueraria mirifica powder to 1 tablets. Please try this highly pure Pueraria mirifica which contains 653 mg luxuriously in only 2 tablets. For those who want the ideal health and beauty with springiness and sharpness! Also great for mature women!
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