Pueraria mirifica 99 cs (99 Tablets)

■ Contents : Tablet 19.8g (200 mg x 99 tablets) ■ Ingredients : Pueraria mirifica mirifica powder, reduced maltose, maltose, dextrin / cellulose, Calcium Stearate, fine silicon dioxide ■ display of nutrition facts : 1 tablets (200 mg) (◆ Heat 0.77 kcal, protein 0.003g, lipids 0.003g, carbohydrates 0.18g, salt equivalent 0.00004g ◆ Pueraria mirifica mirifica 49.8 mg) ■ Distributor : Suplife Co., Ltd. ■ Country of manufacture : Japan ■ Standard intake for 1 day : Please take 1 tablets per 1 day. [* Precautions for Pueraria mirifica ※】 ■ Please do not take this product too easily or excessively. Please make sure to follow the recommended daily intake. 1. (Please do not consume more than the prescribed amount for 1 days. ) The ingredients contained in this product contain female hormone (estrogen) - like substances, which may affect the body. (Examples) Symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding, irregular menstruation, and hepatic disorder become serious. ■ The following people should refrain from taking this product. ・ Pregnant women, lactating women, women before menarche ・ Patients with underlying diseases (e.g., uterine cancer, endometrial hyperplasia If you have breast cancer, thromboarteritis, pulmonary embolism, coronary artery disease, stroke, or other diseases, or if you are taking medication, infants, or children, or if you feel any abnormalities in your physical condition, please stop taking the product immediately and seek medical attention.
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■Pueraria mirifica mirifica is a plant of Leguminosae Pueraria that grows naturally in Thailand. ■ In Thailand, it is called "Gaukurua". It is a traditional health food that has been popular for beauty and health among the ethnic Mong people for a long time. ■ It has been discovered that Pueraria mirifica contains a lot of isoflavone ingredients, and that soybeans do not contain these isoflavone ingredients, such as "myosesterol" and "deoxymyosesterol." The "Pueraria mirifica 99 cs" of SAPAIF uses only the root block of Thai "White Gaukurua" and the product is processed in Japan. Pueraria mirifica Mirifica is a beauty health food that supports feminine and sharp beauty.
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