Pueraria mirifica 99 cs Premium (297 Tablets) (99 Tablets x 3 Packs)

■ Contents : Tablet 59.4g (200 mg x 99 tablets x 3 bags) ■ Ingredients : Pueraria mirifica mirifica powder, reduced maltose, maltose, dextrin / cellulose, Calcium Stearate, fine silicon dioxide ■ display of nutrition facts : 1 tablets (200 mg) (◆ Heat 0.77 kcal, protein 0.003g, lipids 0.003g, carbohydrates 0.18g, salt equivalent 0.00004g ◆ Pueraria mirifica mirifica 49.8 mg) ■ Distributor : Suplife Co., Ltd. ■ Country of manufacture : Japan ■ Standard intake for 1 day : Please take 1 tablets per 1 day. [* Precautions for Pueraria mirifica ※】■ Please do not take this product too easily or excessively. Please make sure to follow the recommended daily intake. 1. (Please do not consume more than the prescribed amount for 1 days. ) The ingredients contained in this product contain female hormone (estrogen) - like substances, which may affect the body. (Examples) Symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding, irregular menstruation, and hepatic disorder become serious. ■ The following people should refrain from taking this product. ・ If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or before menarche ・ If you have any underlying diseases (e.g., uterine cancer, endometrial hyperplasia, breast cancer, thromboarteritis, pulmonary embolism, coronary artery disease, stroke, etc., which may be aggravated by female hormones) ・ If you are taking medication ・ If you are an infant or child ・ If you feel any abnormalities in your physical condition, please stop taking the product immediately and seek medical attention.
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■Pueraria mirifica mirifica is a plant of Leguminosae Pueraria that grows naturally in Thailand. In Thailand, it is called "Gaukurua" and it is a traditional health food that has been familiar to the Mong minority for their beauty and health. ■ It has been discovered that Pueraria mirifica contains a lot of isoflavone ingredients, and that soybeans do not contain these isoflavone ingredients, such as "myosesterol" and "deoxymyosesterol." ■ The "Pueraria mirifica 99 cs" of I uses only the root block of "White Gaukurua" produced in Thailand and the product is processed in Japan. Pueraria mirifica Mirifica is a beauty health food that supports feminine and sharp beauty.
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