Fruit Enzyme Aojiru (fresh squeezed juice) which can be drunk as it is without water

[Product] ■ Product Name : "Fruit Enzyme Aojiru" (fresh squeezed juice) ■ Contents : 64g (2g x 32 pieces) Reduced maltose starch syrup (manufactured in Japan), barley young leaf extract powder (barley young leaf extract, indigestible dextrin) Fruit juice powder (dextrin, apple juice, etc.) Plant fermented extract powder, spore bearing lactic acid bacterium / fragrance, citric acid, sweetener (sucralose), (including milk constituent, apple, orange, kiwi fruit, and peach in some parts) ■ Manufacturer : KINON Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : Japan (Hokkaido) ■ Size : 44 mm width x 71 mm depth x 123 mm height) ■ Material : Processed Barley Young Leaf Extract Powder ■ Usage : As a nutritional supplement, take 1 to 2 sticks per 1 day with water. [Product Notes] ■ Please consume as soon as possible after opening.
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KINON Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 based on the philosophy of "The Power of Enzymes, the Source of Life does not become sick." Dr. Edward Howell, a pioneer in the theory of food enzymes, said, "Enzymes create human life. When the body's enzymes become 0, we die. " As people age, their ability to make enzymes gradually decreases. And they can't make enough enzymes to keep them alive. Man end their lives. We turn food into energy, we breathe, we move our hands and feet It is not possible to discharge without the power of enzyme. Enzymes are the source of all the power to make use of us. If people continue to eat foods that are deficient in enzymes (cooked and processed foods), they produce more digestive enzymes because they are not predigested. As a result, the production of digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes is extremely reduced in the limited capacity of enzyme production. When metabolism is low, various functions of the body start to trouble, resulting in obesity and many diseases. By taking live enzyme supplements, it supports digestive enzymes that can produce enzymes in the body. Taking active enzymes specialized in digestive enzymes is essential to protect the body from obesity and diseases. Most of the commercially available enzyme supplements are processed by heating to kill the enzyme. As a result of trial and error in research and development of a living enzyme that has not been heat-treated This product contains 5 types of active enzyme specialized for digestion, and has succeeded in maximizing the power of the enzyme. The complex enzyme "Slim Enzyme Plus ®", which is made into a granular form and quickly supports digestion and absorption, was born. This "Slim Enzyme Plus ®" is manufactured under strict quality control at a GMP certified factory of the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association. Thanks to you, not only general customers, but also customers and companies from all over Japan as well as from overseas. We have received praise for the active enzyme supplement that produces results, and have made contracts with many companies. We will continue to make every effort to improve the immune system of our body by using the power of enzymes and to ensure that our diet is healthy. "How much vegetables do you eat every day?" The Ministry of A country promoted by the Ministry of Health and Labor, recommends taking 350g of green and yellow vegetables per 1 day, more than 120g of which vegetable intake The average vegetable intake of modern Japanese is about 277g 1 day. The Western of the diet is progressing, the vegetable intake of the diet is decreasing, and the intake of dietary fibers is decreasing year by year. About 30 to 50g of goal is not enough for 1 adult. According to Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan, in about 30 years It has been found that the nutritional value of vegetables in a part has decreased by nearly half. There is a possibility that you are not taking nutrients . [Fruit enzyme juice] This product uses 100% barley young leaves cultivated in the land of Hokkaido without using agricultural chemicals. Keeping the freshness and keeping the nutrients as good as possible In order to make fresh and delicious green juice, the "cold press method" to thoroughly squeeze at low temperature is adopted. ■ Delicious Muscat Flavor : ・ Fruit juice powder Pear, grapefruit, passionfruit, lemon, grape, strawberry, pineapple, mango Lychee, orange, kiwi, peach, blueberry, Cranleigh, apple. Contains 16 kinds of fruit juice. Sweetness : Mild and 600 times the sweetness of sugar without bitterness and astringency. Since approximately 100% of the product is excreted in 1 days, this product has a mild sweetness similar to that of sugar and has a calorie of "0", which is half the calorie of sugar. Contains a good balance of reduced maltose syrup that does not cause tooth decay. ■ Simple, anytime, anywhere : ① Can be taken as is without dissolving with a shaker. ② It is portable, so you can drink it anywhere. ③ The muscat flavor is delicious for everyone from children to adults. (4) Agricultural chemicals are not used in the land of Hokkaido which is rich in nature. ⑤ Spore bearing lactic acid bacteria : Spore bearing lactic acid bacteria that produce spores are strong bacteria that survive acid, heat and drying. ■ Special materials : (1) Hokkaido Barley Young Leaf Extract Powder that Delivers Nutrients (2) Lactic acid bacteria that reach the intestines alive (3) Wild grass fermented extract powder which uses only fermentation technology for more than 40 years and carefully selected ingredients. ■ The secret of the delicious taste that can be continued : Contains fruit juice powder. ② Seasoning with a balance of sweetness and sourness ③ Stick type that can be drunk anytime and anywhere without using a troublesome shaker. ■ Special Ingredients. 1 : Hokkaido "Young Barley Leaf Extract" • A manufacturing method that focuses on freshness and nutrient absorption. This product uses 100% barley young leaves grown in Hokkaido without using agricultural chemicals. In order to bring out the freshness The factory is 30 minutes by car from the production area. We are receiving freshly collected fish at the factory! And without destroying the nutrients as much as possible The product is cold-pressed to increase absorption. Contains water soluble dietary fiber that does not interfere with mineral absorption. This is a green juice that I can recommend with confidence, with top priority to beauty and health! - Focused on the effects and obtained patent. It has been patented for the promotion of anti-aging related gene expression. The antioxidant enzyme SOD contained in the barley young leaf extract powder is It has the effect of removing active oxygen generated in the body. Keeps your body in a fresh state and prevents aging and various diseases caused by active oxygen. It was also suggested that the activity of SOD, an antioxidant enzyme, is related to life expectancy and that it contributes to life expectancy by activating gene expression. ■ Special Ingredients. 2 : Live Lactobacillus "Sporeforming Lactobacillus" • Features of sporeforming lactic acid bacteria. Ordinary lactic acid bacteria have low stability against heat and oxygen, so their use is limited to some foods. Sporogenous lactic acid bacteria have high stability due to the formation of spores and excellent lactic acid generating ability. It is a lactic acid bacterium that can be used for processed foods and other general foods. Since these lactic acid bacteria form spores, they are more stable and more resistant to heat than general lactic acid bacteria. You won't die even if you dissolve it in a hot drink. • Activities of sporogenous lactic acid bacteria in the body. The spores of sporeforming lactic acid bacteria that enter the mouth are stimulated by stomach acid and bile germinate in the intestine, becoming active vegetative cells and multiplying. During this time, lactic acid is produced by lactic fermentation. If the consumption of sporeforming lactic acid bacteria is stopped, it decreases in about 1 weeks and is excreted. ■ Special ingredients. "Wild grass fermented extract powder" made of 3:90 kinds of carefully selected ingredients. • Unique fermentation technology. It is suitable for fermentation with high temperature and high humidity in summer and low temperature and high humidity in winter. It is produced with the original fermentation technology that has been researched and developed for more than 40 years. Contains 90 kinds of fermented wild grass enzymes used in diet support foods SlimEnzyme +. It maximizes the power of the enzyme. • Carefully selected ingredients. The President himself went to various places in Japan and overseas without compromising in the selection of raw materials, raw materials developed through cooperation among industry, government and academia Carefully selected ingredients such as ingredients that are produced only a little per month. ■ Add 1 to the disaster prevention set. The freshness date of fruit enzyme juice is 2 years! You can put it together with ingredients that have been stored for a long time, or it can be included in a disaster prevention set in an emergency. You can drink it without water and get lots of nutrients. It is a strong ally in times of disaster when vegetables and fruits tend to be insufficient.
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