Golden Herbal Tea

[Product] ■ Product Name : Golden Herbal Tea x 3 Set ■ Contents : Contents : (1 teabag x 2g x 10 bags) x 3 set / All ingredients : Biwa leaf, Gabalon tea, Fennel, gardenia, safflower, black bean, job's tears, habu tea, roasted green tea, glutinous rice brown rice, spring turmeric, Houttuynia cordata Quantity : 10 bags Weight : 150g ■ Manufacturer : Uenohara Sei Chaen ■ Country of origin : Japan (Nagasaki Prefecture) ■ Size : Width 140 x Depth 30 x Height 220 mm ■ Usage : Pour hot water into a teapot or tabletop pot and drink. [Product Notes] ■ Expiration date : Please consume this product as soon as possible after opening for 1 years from the time of manufacture. If you drink a lot at once, your stomach may become loose, so please adjust the amount before consuming.
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One of the traditional folk remedies in Japan is "Biwa Leaf Therapy." Based on "Biwa Leaf" and "Gabalon tea," which reduces stress, the "Golden Herb Tea" is a tea for women who want to become beautiful and healthy by blending a total of 12 kinds of herbs. Gabalon tea, which was born from the history of tea for thousands of years, is a beverage that is truly modern. It contains 30 times as much γ (gamma) aminobutyric acid (commonly called "GABA"), which is known as a health ingredient such as lowering blood pressure, as compared to green tea. It contains a special manufacturing method called "anaerobic treatment," in which oxygen is cut off for several hours immediately after the raw leaves are picked. As a result, glutamic acid has physiological functions that increase gabardine. Gabardine tea is produced in the same way as regular green teas without damaging this ingredient. In particular, Gamairicha's manufacturing method is used to makes it easy to drink. People who are healthy or have high blood pressure say "I can sleep well" or "I've recovered from constipation." In addition, there is a particular efficacy in the prevention and treatment of hangovers, and it also has anticancer, cerebral apoplexy, and bad breath control effects. In addition, I have selected herbs that are gentle to women. For those who suffer from cold, blood circulation, women's diseases, menopausal disorders, sleeplessness, rough skin, constipation, etc. It is blended so that even small children can easily take it. It can be taken by family. <> Just put a tea bag in a teapot or a tabletop pot and pour hot water! The golden and beautiful color of the tea makes you feel good and healthy.
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