Lady Plus× 2

[Product] ■ Product name : Lady Plus× 2 ■ Content : Content 5g x 30 sachets Total ingredients Sugar (manufactured in Japan), dextrin, L-carnitine fumarate, ginger powder, honey powder, ginger oil powder, red pepper / citric acid, thickener (xanthan), fragrance (derived from milk), sweetener (sucralose, acesulfam-K), fine grain silicon dioxide, hyaluronic acid size ■ Manufacturer name :CHUKYO IYAKUHIN Co.,Ltd.■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Size : 60 ■ Usage : Put 1 bag into a cup, pour approximately 150 ml of hot or cold water, mix well and enjoy. [Product Notes] ■ Because this product uses natural ingredients as part of the ingredients, the flavor and color may vary, but this does not affect the quality. As this product contains honey, please do not consume by infants under 1 years old.


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It is characterized by "hyaluronic acid" which contains 10 mg luxuriously to keep the freshness, "L-carnitine & chili pepper" which supports the consumption of extra things, and ginger warms the body. With a relaxing honey lemon flavor, the calorie per 1 pack is only 19.6 kcal. Perfect for daily break time. Moisture, body making that burns easily and does not accumulate, and [cold], which is a female enemy, are especially difficult to solve.This is a familiar but difficult problem to solve. In the commercialization of "Lady Plus +," under the slogan "You will want to drink every day, and you will become beautiful if you continue to drink," female specialists in the development of beauty supplement products worked together to solve the problems that are unique to women. This product was born after half a year of trial production and tasting, with an emphasis on women's perspectives from product planning to development and design.
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