Lutein Super EX

[Product] ■ Product name : Lutein Super EX ■ Manufacturer name : Nature's Health Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Ingredients : DHA-containing refined fish oils (manufactured in Japan), safflower oil, cassis extract powder, vitamin-E containing vegetable oils, shark cartilage extract, dextrin / gelatin, glycerin, marigold pigment, haematococcus algae pigment, glycerin fatty acid ester, beeswax, V. C, tomato pigment, V. B1, V. B2, V. B6, V. A, V. B12 ■ Contents : 42.3g ■ Best before date : 2 years from manufacture Display of nutrition facts : Energy : 8.84 kcal Protein 0.38g Lipids 0.71g Carbohydrate 0.24g Salt equivalent 0.0034g ■ Allergen labeling : None ■ Storage method : Please store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. [Product Notes] ・ In rare cases, this product may not suit your body depending on your constitution. In this case, please discontinue use immediately. ・ For those who are prone to allergies, please check the labeling of ingredients. - After opening, please store out of the reach of children and consume as soon as possible.
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For those who wish to remain youthful and healthy, we are conducting research and development on supplements that are specialized in maintaining eye health and preventing aging, especially after the president was diagnosed with glaucoma. From now on, we will develop and provide products that can be trusted and enjoyed by those who are serious about maintaining eye health and those who already have concerns and worries. We believe that "health" is the essence of happiness for all life. Our philosophy is to contribute to the health maintenance of everyone through health foods and to make efforts to continue to share that happiness with everyone. (1) Freshness is the key for supplements. All our products are manufactured and processed on a regular basis. We always deliver fresh products directly from the manufacturer. Supplements also oxidize over time, making them meaningless to eat. To prevent this, we manufacture and process them in small lots. ② Emphasis on high content, high quality and safety As a supplement for absorption after ingestion, it is not only high in content, but also contains a combination of ingredients that firmly improve the body's constitution in the body. It is also characterized by a good balance considering synergistic effects. 3) Reduce costs through direct sales We are committed to providing products with the highest levels of content, a balance of composition, and high quality that no other company has, and to eliminating intermediate costs for direct sales by manufacturers so that we can provide products at prices that customers can continue to enjoy with confidence. Currently, there are many products that contain lutein. Among them, I looked for supplements that are essential for the eyes, which are made from natural ingredients in combination with medical treatment. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any satisfactory ones. Even if you want to incorporate supplements into your lifestyle from the perspective of preventing eye diseases, rather than curing diseases, if you don't have "accurate judgment materials," you will be in trouble with the criteria for choosing the right supplements you want. I also feel that customers themselves need to be able to distinguish good products from bad ones, and I think it is the responsibility of companies to disclose as much information as possible because they need to win the trust of customers. At first glance, there are many kinds of supplements that look "somewhat good", but for those who are really working on it, it is not a kind of good supplement, but it is natural that individual nutrients are mixed for certain reasons certain reason, and that there is an interaction, and that it contains a certain amount that is expected to be more effective. It is important to have a full-scale supplement that can be expected to improve the constitution. In other words, a supplement that is safe, contains a well-balanced combination of ingredients that enable lutein to function and normalize the function of the optic nerve, contains the necessary amount of ingredients, and above all, has a price that you can continue drinking with confidence. This is the trigger for development and the origin of production. This is a recommended lutein supplement which contains 20 mg of the highest quality FloraGLO (R) lutein. This product is one rank higher supplement for those who are serious about maintaining health and keeping their eyes and skin youthful. This supplement contains not only high FloraGLO (R) lutein but also cassis, astaxanthin, multivitamins, DHA, and chondroitin in a good balance. It is recommended for those who are considering anti-aging not only for the eyes but also for the whole body. Eye fatigue (blurred, distorted) I started feeling old. I want to stay healthy. The dust which flickers in the eye increased Concern about skin aging Often using a PC (choppy) Often driving a car I often watch TV. It's hard to see from the evening. People who smoke
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