〜Setouchi no Megumi〜 Oyster Plus 300 tablets

■ Product name : Processed oysters
■ Contents : 144g (1 tablets 480 mg x 300 tablets)
■ Manufacturer name : Dakeido
■ Country of origin / region : Japan
■ Size : Height 66 x Width 66 x Height 130
■ Materials : Oyster Extract (Oysters, Hiroshima), Reduced Maltose, Reduced Starch Syrup, Setouchi Lemon Powder (Lemons, Hiroshima and Ehime) / Crystalline Cellulose, Thickening Agent (gum arabic), Calcium Stearate, Leaven Cell Wall, Shellac, Sorbitol, Cacao Pigment
■ Usage : Recommended daily intake : 6 tablets 1
Please take 6 tablets per day with 1 cups of cold or lukewarm water. 1
[Product Notes]
■ Taking a large amount of this product does not cure diseases or improve health.
Please follow the recommended daily intake of 1 day.

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[For nutritional supplements that are often lacking in modern people]
""Oyster plus Setouchi no Megumi"" is a nutritional function food made from fresh raw oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture. It is made using a patented method to extract the nutrients of the oysters without damaging them. It also contains Setouchi lemon and folic acid.
The ingredients are all from the Seto Inland Sea, and the oysters are made from fresh raw oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture. The oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture are divided into those for processing on the land side and those for eating raw on the sea side with Miyajima as the border. Oyster Plus is not for processing but for eating raw oysters.
The number of raw oysters needed to make 1 Oyster Plus is 4 to 5. Oysters are produced in a factory that is certified by the GMP standards for health and safety.
""Oyster plus Seto Inland Sea Megumi"" is a nutritional function food of vitamin C and folic acid made from raw oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture and Setouchi lemon. Make use of the Setouchi Megumi for daily health maintenance.

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