Titanium Double Lock Cup 250 m TW-3 x 2


■ Product Name : Titanium Double Lock Cup 250 m TW-3 x 2

■ Content : Double Lock Cup x 2 φ 70 x 85 mm (250 ml)

■ Manufacturer name : Tamahashi Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Material : Titanium (Blast Finish)

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Titanium cups. The high level of craftsmanship made it easy to use and comfortable. This superb item is made with the knowledge, technology and experience of the craftsmen. Titanium is a non-rusting metal, so the metal won't dissolve drinks. Therefore, you can enjoy the original taste of the drink without any unpleasant taste or smell peculiar to metal. In addition, since it has a double structure, it has high cooling power and heat retention, and is characterized in that condensation does not occur easily even when ice is put in.
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