Yakusugi Tumbler

■ Product name : Yakusugi Tumbler ■ Maker : Harakogei ■ Country of origin : Japan ■ Size : Diameter 7.3 cm x height approx. 10 cm ■ Material : Yakusugi ■ Precautions for use : Do not soak and wash, and do not use a dishwasher. After use, please wash with a soft sponge or hand, rinse well, dry and store. You will feel more attached if you wash it by yourself.
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Yakushima is a World Heritage Site grows naturally on the World Heritage Island Yakushima. As it is now prohibited to cut down trees, old trees or fallen trees by wind are used. They are handmade one by one in the Yakusugi. The shape is the same, but it may be slightly different. Please note that note that there is no same grain. Wooden containers have low thermal conductivity, so it's not hard to hold even hot things like shochu with hot water. Even if I put cold beer in this, it doesn't easily cause condensation and the table won't get soaked. I used it to drink beer, but, but I feel that it foams better than glass or ceramic containers. If you pour it in the usual way, there will be a lot of bubbles, so be gentle at first, and when you pour it to a certain extent, let's pour it so that it bubbles well! About Yakusugi The Yakusugi that grows naturally in Yakushima, a World Heritage Site, over 1000 years is called Yakusugi, and the others are called Kosugi. Since the soil of Yakushima is thin, it grows slowly in a year and the grain size becomes dense, and there are several 10 of grains in 1 cm. Because it contains a lot of resin, it is said to have antibacterial, antiseptic and insect proof effects. Since the trees are more than 1,000 years old, it is called "Yakusugi" from the word "Yakusugi" which is a symbol of longevity, and it is said to have an effect of warding off evil and healing.
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