IPPUKU Hand Wrapping Cloth Furoshiki Purple / Samekomon


■ Product Name : IPPUKU Tezutsumi

■ Contents : Original Furoshiki, Chawan, Natsume, Kashizara with Legs, Chashaku, Cha 筅筒, Chasen, Wood Coaster Set

■ Color variation : deep scarlet / rose, purple / shark's crest, 消炭 color / cherry

■ Manufacturer : Nishimoto Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan (Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

■ Size : (W140 x D122 x H130 mm) ■ Body weight : 310g

■ Material : Wood Resin Fiber, etc.

■ Usage : For drinking matcha. [Product Notes]

■ When washing, please separate it from the hard one.

■ Do not leave in water for a long time after use.

■ Please do not use this product on direct fire, microwave oven, dryer, dish washer, scrubbing brush, etc.

■ Please do not use chemical fibers or chemicals that might damage the surface of the paint.

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We hope that anyone, regardless of age or nationality, will know the essence of Japanese culture that the tea ceremony has. Feel free to enjoy the taste of matcha and the Japanese atmosphere, regardless of your clothes or location. This is the "Tezutsumi" in the IPPUKU series that is based on this idea. It is the most compact of the IPPUKU series, and all items can be easily wrapped and carried by fastening the buttons of the original wrapping cloth. It is a very light, light and gorgeous product.
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