Bizen Ware Handmade Shuriken Small plate

[Product Content] [Product Name] [Brand Name : Back sword] [Content : Volume 2 ■ Manufacturer Name : Bizen Pottery Kichikichi] Origin Country / region : Japan ■ Size : (Width : 100 x Depth 100 x Height : 10 mm) Material : Ceramic ■ Used as a ceramic. The temperature may be affected by heat, which is sensitive to heat. Please put hot water in a hurry and avoid direct heat. Microwave is possible. Please do not use an oven. Bizen ware doesn't use glaze (glaze), so the skin is not smooth. You can get scratches on a table, so please use a rug. Bizen ware is a sturdy baked dish. Please use in a safe place because it would be tough if you fall down or fall due to an earthquake or something.
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A unique design inspired by ninja's shuriken. On the surface of the plate, a wave called Blue Sea waves is used, and it is a playful product. Bizen is the oldest kiln among the 6 oldest kilns, the Seto, Tokoya, Tanba, Echizen, and Bizen.
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