Morgenrot / Cold Sake Cup

Souseikiln uses an original glaze made from local ingredients to express the majestic nature and scenery of Hokkaido and the air that you can feel as you live there. [Product] ■ Product Name : Morgenrot / Cold Sake Cup ■ Content : Pottery ■ Manufacturer name : Souseikiln ■ Country of origin : Asahikawa, Japan ■ Size : Width 75 x Depth 75 x Height 85 ■ Weight : 206g ■ Capacity : 200 ml
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I experiencing pottery for 7 years, I went to the world of pottery. Since a good quality work cannot be produced unless the number is increased, the attitude to continue to try without fear of failure is the most important, and various works are produced. I would be happy if you could feel the magnificent nature and atmosphere of Hokkaido through the work! Would you like a cup with a stylish high price for tonight's evening drink? Can be used as a dish. The color is based on the image of the morning glow uses the original glaze. I tried to express the scenery where mountains and clouds are dyed red. ※ Because they are handmade, the color and atmosphere will vary.
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