Crepe & Lace For Maruei Apron 2 Pack (L-LL)

[Product] ■ Product name : Chirimen & Lace for Maruei Pron ■ Content : (2 Pack / Size : L-LL) ■ Manufacturer name : W-style interior ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Size : (approx.) L-LL : 85 x 96 cm ■ Material : Polyester 100% [Product Notes] ■ If the product is subjected to strong friction when worn, it may transfer to other parts. ■ It says that it is hard to get wrinkles, but please note that it may be difficult to recover once you get deep wrinkles.
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"Wrinkle-Resistant Four Maruei Prone" It is a four Maruei apron which is useful for daily housework and mourning. The elegant design color is not too casual and not too plain. The used lace gives a clean and elegant impression. Made a crepe material that does material.
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