Cuneiform-T-Shirt / CFT-0001/S

"Color: Black Size : 6.2oz Material : Cotton 100% Country of Origin : Japan 《Notes on Purchasing》 Do not iron the work area. Do not wash with chlorine detergent, bleach, softener, or warm water (bath additive, etc.). Do not use dry cleaning or dryer. Strong sunlight, heat, or friction may cause color fading, cracks, or marks to stick to each other. Do not use a hand towel. After washing and dehydration, immediately spread the product and dry it in the shade. Due to the nature of the sublimation print process, the dye may splash or bleed. The color of the printed part may stain due to long storage, so please do not store this product in layers with other clothing or with light or white parts."
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"Typography of Cuneiform ""Tsutaeru"" Typography of Cuneiform ""Tsutaeru"" is the first cuneiform used as a means of communication by man. Among them, ""tsu,"" ""ta,"" ""e,"" and ""ru"" were written using Sumerian, which was born in Mesopotamia 3500 years before B.C., which is considered to be the oldest. The last character is a Sumerian-style variant of the modern radio symbol, with a contrasting design of symbolic icons as a means of ""conveying"" modern humans. This is a standard style that uses the T-Shirts brand ""Unithed Athle"". The neck is made slightly tight so that it doesn't look sloppy, and the shoulder width, body width and length are made moderately loose. The United Athle 6.2 oz T-shirt features double stitching to prevent it from losing its shape. In order to prevent it from losing its shape, double stitching around the neck, which is important for keeping the T-shirt in good shape. By using a good balance of ""carded yarn"" that is used for general T-shirts and ""combed yarn"" that has a beautiful luster, this item has a soft texture and high quality. [Unithed Athle] From Unithed, this long-established T-Shirts brand was established 1930 years ago."
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