Silicon Oven Mittens & A Bit

[Product] ■ Product Name : Silicon Oven Mittens & Pinch ■ Content : Contains 2 Pieces / Color Blue ■ Manufacturer name : Okabe Western Tableware Co., Ltd. ■ Country of Origin / Region : Oven Mitt / Japan Grab / China ■ Size : oven mitt (width 165 x length 230 mm) Pinch (Width 110 x Length 110 x Heat 90 mm) ■ Material : Silicon Rubber ■ Heat and cold resistant : 200 ~ - 20 ℃ ■ Usage : [Product Notes] It may be damaged if it comes into contact with the cut end of the can or blade.
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[Oven Mittens] Silicon oven mittens with excellent heat resistance. The unevenness of the surface suppresses the heat transfer and makes it hard to slip. Can also be used to open trivet or bottle lids. Unlike regular fabric, it is hard to get dirty and easy to care for. [Pinch] It is only the finger part so it can be used easily.
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