Shinsengumi Paper Knife Hajime Saito

・ Product name : Meitanto Paper Knife, Hajime SAITO model (Kijinmarukunishige)
・ Product Number : MT-34H
・ Total Length : 210 mm - Blade Thickness : 1.8 mm
・ Overall width : 23.0 mm
・ Total thickness : 18.0 mm
・ Handle Color : Brown
・ Material : Blade : Stainless Steel / Handle : A. B. S + Elastomer / Sheath / Platform : A. B. S
・ Body weight : 35.0g
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Located almost in the center of Japan, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, is a town of cutlery where the rich mountains and clear rivers are nurtured, culture and industry are revived, and history is reflected. It is said that the origin of Seki Blade years ago, the Kyushu swordsmith Motoshige moved to Seki and made Japanese swords, which is said to be the origin of. 800 Seki was an environment rich in high-quality resources such as pine charcoal, yakiba-tsuchi (clay for cutting), and water flowing through the Nagara-gawa River and Tsubo River, so many swordsmiths gathered there and swordsmithing became popular. In addition, the Seki Blade a high artistic quality, and the name of the famous sword (Kanden), which boasts excellent practicality, such as "It does not break, does not bend, and cuts well," has spread nationwide. Since then, Seki City has prospered as a production area famous swords, and this excellent traditional traditional technique has been firmly inherited by the present cutlery industry, and it is known as one of the world's leading cutlery production areas.
● The motif of the sword "Kijinmarukunishige" of Hajime SAITO, who is the leader of the third unit of the Shinsengumi and is excellent in swordplay, and the design of the sword guard, the sword guard and the blade crest I am particular about it.
● Particular attention is paid to the glossy design.
● Blade craftsmen in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, the town of blades, carefully blade each piece, making it easy to cut envelopes, etc.
● If you put it on a shelf, you can take it out quickly and use it paper knife when you want to use it. Because it fits in the sheath, the blade body does not come out and can be stored safely.
● Please take a look at this too if you like.
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