[Delivered from Otaru, Glass Town] Glass Blowing in the Air, after rain, Glass

[Product] ■ Product name : Glass blown in the air, after rain, Glass ■ Content : Glass cup ■ Manufacturer name : Otaru ilponte ■ Country of origin / region : Japan (Otaru) ■ Size : Approx. (Width 90 mm x Height 85 mm) ■ Weight : 200g ■ Material : Glass ■ Usage : as a cup [Product Notes] ■ It is not heat-resistant glass. Please be careful not to accidentally pour hot water. It's fragile. Please handle with care.
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In 2003, we started to experience and sell leather accessories in Otaru. In 2013, we established a glass studio, which has been renewed as a store where you can experience blowing glass, sandblasting, and leather accessories. There are currently 4 craftsmen in the glass blowing studio, and their unique works are lined up in the store. All the products we will sell at this shop are original products designed and manufactured by the factory manager, Nagata. ・ Profile of takuya NAGATA He studied the knowledge and technology of glass at the Toyama Glass Research Institute, and aimed to become a first class glazier. He got a job at a glass workshop in Otaru, Hokkaido, which is famous for glass. After that, we established a glass blowing studio in our shop and it has been up to now. Because they value their handmade appearance, they prefer to use different techniques, crack patterns, foxtail patterns, and reduced patterns. I have a part-time job at a sake brewery before, so I like alcohol and mainly make sake cups. It is often made to be transparent to bring out alcohol, but we try to make products that are light, look and easy to use by trying to bring out even flashy colors. There are no ornaments with the same expression or size. They are all 1 items. It is designed to bring out the sense of life by considering the abstract balance of concrete according to each motif. The shape and expression of the expression of the animals is a perfection that cannot be seen anywhere else. Each item in this shop is made by the method called Sorabuki, so it is difficult to make exactly the same item. There are 1 items with the same material, but I think you can choose according to your preference such as the expression, dynamic feeling and atmosphere of each item. With attention to detail, we aim to create products that are easy to use, look, and have a sense of life, and we aim to produce products that are unique to us. Please take a look at our unique products. The roots of the development of Otaru glass are oil lamps and floats. Glass manufacturing in Otaru began in 1891 when Torazo Inoue opened a glass factory in Otaru. At the glass factory, glass scrap is used to cover lamps, bottles, goldfish bowls and other household utensils are produced, and glass products are being developed. At that time, since most of the lights in Hokkaido were made of glass oil lamps instead of electricity, glass lamps were actively manufactured in Otaru. After entering the Taisho, the North Sea fishery, especially the herring fishery, became popular in the port town of Otaru. Since herring fishery uses glass floats, the demand for them increased rapidly and the production became active. Oil lamp and float. It can be said that the origin of Otaru glass is that these 2 glass industries were flourishing. Otaru, which was the gateway to Hokkaido and the center of distribution in the Meiji period, prospered as a port town with the development of the coast. It will also develop as an international trading port where wooden stone warehouses stand side by side. After entering the Showa period, Otaru became known nationwide as a "city of glass." This was triggered by a review of practical glass products and the creation of products that enhance their value as crafts. Many glass artists were born, and they were but as tableware such as vases and glasses, and they grew as a city of glass. In Otaru City, there are more than 60 stores that manufacture and sell unique products and souvenirs such as glass. They support the glass culture and brand. Otaru Glass has developed as a port town. Otaru glass, which used to be a practical glass product, has developed into a craft product, and has contributed greatly to the town's appeal. Why don't you try holding beautiful Otaru glass while feeling history in Otaru that has a retro atmosphere? Each piece is made by glazier in Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture. There are various sizes, but they are unique pieces. I hope you enjoy it. I locked the moment I fell into the puddle in the glass. Please enjoy the quiet world. The bumpy shape is the focal point of this item.
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