Shiseido Elixir White Enriched Wrinkle White Cream L 22g

[Product] ■ Product Name: Shiseido Elixir White Enriched Wrinkle White Cream L 22g ■ Manufacturer: Elixir ■ Country of Origin/ Region : Japan ■ Size: Width 185 x Depth 37 x Height 24 mm ■ Usage: At the end of your morning and evening skin care routine, take 1 small drop on your fingertips and gently blend into areas where wrinkles are a concern, such as around the eyes and mouth. ※ If you use this product in the morning, please use cosmetics that can shield against ultraviolet rays to protect the effects of retinol. ■ Contents: 22g ■ Ingredients: Retinol, tranexamic acid, water-soluble collagen (F), Concentrated Glycerin, inosit, turmeric extract, mukoroji extract, sodium acetylhyaluronate, Gambir extract, purified water, pentaerythritol tetra-4-ethylhexanoate Torit, 2 1, 3-butylene glycol, α - olefin oligomer, ethanol, synthetic squalane, carboxyvinyl polymer, potassium hydroxide, acrylic acid-alkyl methacrylate copolymer, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (20E. O.), edetic acid 3 sodium, xanthan gum, rosemary oil, Sodium Pyrosulfite, thyme extract (1), yeast extract (3), sophora extract (1), marine elastin, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, β - carotene * are labeled as "active ingredients". Component' 3 ■ Alcohol is used. ● Please be careful not to let the product enter your eyes. ● After use, wipe the opening of the tube and close the cap firmly. ● Please do not store in areas subject to high temperatures or humidity, or areas exposed to direct sunlight. * Please refrain from using this product if you have had problems with products containing retinol or if you are prone to skin problems. * When using this product for the first time or if your skin is sensitive, it is recommended to increase the frequency of use gradually. For the first 2 weeks, use this product only at night every 2 to 3 days. For the next 2 weeks, use this product every night. * When using this product together with other products containing retinol, please do not use more than one product at a time. Please use 1 product at a time while monitoring theskin condition. * Please follow the usage frequency and amount and use it correctly.
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This is a quasi-drug for wrinkle improvement and skin whitening. Whitening and aging care. For glossy skin without wrinkles. Contains pure retinol, a medicinal active ingredient that produces hyaluronic acid to rehydrate skin improve the appearance of wrinkles. Contains m-tranexamic acid, a whitening active ingredient that suppresses melanin production and prevents blemishes and freckles. Moisture care according to age. Large size.
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