/ fan/fun UMO #3 Sorairo


■ Product name : / fan/fun UMO #3 Sorairo (Sky blue)

■ Contents : (Folding Fan / Folding Fan Bag)

■ Manufacturer name : Minoya Senpo

■ Country of origin : (Japan)

■ Size : (Closed State Width 20 x Height 200 mm Expanded State Width 350 x Height 200)

■ Material : Bamboo, Paper, Celluloid Bag ; Half Linen

■ How to use : Hold it in your hand and fan it.

[Product Notes] 

Please note that the Takebe may lose its color or stain other items due to moisture, sweat or friction. Please note that there may be uneven dyeing due to the natural material of unevenly dyed. Takebe Due to the nature of the product, it may be broken or split. Please be careful not to hurt yourself. Please note that the appearance and specifications of the product may be changed without prior notice to improve the product. Please be careful of water and fire.

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About japanese hand fan

Fans are traditional crafts that were created more than 1000 years ago in Japan and are used for various purposes such as ritual, entertainment and decoration. The purpose of this fan is to cool off the fan. It is convenient as it can be folded and carried. A new brand from Minoya Senpo, a well established Kyoto fan maker with over 120 years of history.


What's /fan/fun ?

"/ fan/fun", which offers cute fans for adults, is a brand newly established in 2017 from Minoya Senpo, which has a history of more than 120 years. The textile design by the design unit niwa which is also active in Kyoto is adopted. This item is characterized by its cute and modern pattern, but the quality is made carefully one by one by craftsmen using reliable techniques cultivated by Minoya Senpo for many years. This is a broad-colored fan that is cool even in a calm atmosphere. Try matching it with a fan. The size is a little small (about 20 cm), but it can make a strong wind. We folding fan bag with the same design as the fan face is set in the original package and delivered. It's a fragrance-free paper fan. Put it in a fabric case with the same pattern as that of the fan, put it in a bag and carry it around. Please use "/ fan/fun" fans on a daily basis, enjoy fans, and become fans of fans. Established in 1894, "Minoya Senpo" established a new brand called fan/fun in 2017. I want you to enjoy folding fans. I hope you enjoy fanning. I hope you will become a fan of folding fans.

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