Hat Beret Hat Men's Ladies Beret Large Size Fall / Winter / Spring Poly Tweed PENNANTBANNERS

[Product] ■ Product Name : Hat Beret Hat Men's Ladies Beret Large Size Fall / Winter / Spring Poly Tweed PENNANTBANNERS ■ Product Number : PB045 ■ Manufacturer name : PENNANTBANNERS ■ Country of Origin : South Korea ■ Size : Size : from 58 cm (rubber adjustment) ■ Weight : 150g ■ Material : Polyester ■ Color : BLACK/BROWN/NAVY [Product Notes] ■ [About return and exchange] We check the product at the time of shipment and write all the necessary precautions, but in case of emergency, please check the product immediately after arrival. We accept returns and exchanges only if they are unused and you contact us within 1 weeks of arrival. As for the shipping cost for return and exchange, in case of initial failure, our company will be responsible for it, and in case of return and exchange for other reasons, the customer will be responsible for it. [Please note] Our inventory is adjusted by the system, but there may be a difference in the stock depending on the timing. The item you ordered may be out of stock. Please note that this may cause inconvenience. ■ The product may change color depending on the environment of the monitor you see. [Reprinting of images] ● Use of images for online sales is allowed. ● We do not ship directly to customers. ● If you judge that the shop is against our brand image, please refrain from using it. ● The use of images Internet auctions will be prohibited.
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This beret has a mature look. This item is made of warm poly tweed fabric from fall to spring. The poly tweed that is used has a thick and firm look with a unique thick diagonal weave that has a luxurious feel. This is a beret with a size that allows you to make a neat shape while having plenty of space. This beret is a popular item for both men and women. This versatile item goes well with both casual and formal shirt styles. The side is accented with an eyelet embroidery, and the perspiration tape is made of dungaree fabric. This hat is made with carefully selected fabric and attention paid to the details. It is also made firmly. Size : 58 cm or larger (adjustment) Material : Polyester PENNANT BANANAS While keeping the traditional American taste, we are pursuing design, quality, and usability with the consciousness of harmonizing with the modern needs. This is an item that you can enjoy the change of color, shape and texture over time as you use it. Based on the concept of a mature lifestyle that is not influenced by the trend of gathering and enjoying with people, we are developing a dynamic brand that can be enjoyed by various people through items. Beret, Beret, Men's, Women's, Big Size, Big, Popular, Fashionable, Military, Hat, Hat, Retro, Spring, Fall, Winter
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