[Liaison] bocco (Sen) Sapporo Soft Stone Brooch■ Sapporo Soft Stone Pierce

■ Size : 40 mm x 18 mm ■ Weight : 4g ■ Wood : Sen ■ Metal Fittings : Brass ■ Handling : ◎ Soft stone part Because they are soft and sensitive to shock, stones may "break", "break" or "produce powder." Please be careful when handling. It has been processed as smoothly as possible, but since it is "stone", there are things that will get damaged when rubbed. Especially for earrings and earrings, please pay attention to the screen of the mobile phone.
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This brooch is a combination of Sapporo soft stone and Hokkaido wood. It is a stone made by nature, so the expression differs depending on the cut. Please understand that the item to be delivered will not be the same as the photo. It would be great if you could enjoy the look of the stones. We will deliver it in Liaison's box. Sapporo Soft Rock The pyroclastic flow from the current Lake Shikotsu explosion that occurred 4 hundred thousand years ago got cold and, which is Sapporo soft rock. Many fires occurred due to the fire used to weather the cold during the reclamation. Because it has heat retention and is resistant to fire and easy to process, Sapporo soft stone has started to be used. The building made of soft stone in Sapporo still remains today. Currently, 1 companies are involved. In 2018, it was registered as a "Hokkaido Heritage" and became the Takara of Hokkaido. Please wear historical precious stones.
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