Baby ring

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■ Name : Naming ring Manufacturer : Kiyohara Textile Co., Ltd. (sufuto)

■Country of origin : Japan

Size : w65 x h105 x D15mm

Ring : About 10 mm

Cover : 65 x 105 mm (folded)

■Color : 12 colors available

Red: January (Mutsuki)

Gray: February (Kisaragi)

Pink: March (Yayoi)

Yellow-green: April (Uzuki)

Emerald: May (Satsuki)

Purple: June (Minazuki)

Light blue: July (moon)

Yellow: August (Hazuki)

Green: September (long moon)

Orange: October (Kannaduki)

Brown: November (Shimotsuki)

Dark blue: December (running)  

Material :

Ring : Silk 100% / Alloy Plating Cover : Rayon 100% In a box

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The baby ring of silk with the color of the birth month and the life tag were wrapped in a popular fabric called ""woven fabric"". The baby ring is called' Oda maki.' ""Oda maki"" is said to be ""a lucky, lucky ball,"" because the beginning and end of the thread can't be seen. The parents can enjoy memories of parents and children in various ways such as a charm or a pendant top or a child's adult memorial. The diamond pattern of the fabric is the motif of ""betrayal."" ""Goyoke"" refers to embroideries of various shapes in which Japanese mothers were stitched on the back of Kimono. The mother's thoughts and the names of important children are wrapped in a woven fabric called ""woven weave.""

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