Urushi Earrings Miyabi Iris : push back earrings

[Product] ■ Product Name : Lacquerware Accessories ■ Contents : 1 Contents (Half) : Metal Fittings Type 14 Gold Filled Pushback Type (Pierced Earrings) All ingredients (materials) : wood, natural lacquer, pure gold powder, white pearl oyster, glue, pigment, brass (gilded) ■ Maker name : Nemunoki koubou 〜 Natural wood crafts 〜 ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Size : 20 mm x 20 mm x 6 mm ■ Material : Natural Wood Lacquered ■ Usage : Accessories (Earrings, Earrings) [Product Notes] ■ * Due to the worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus, the price of gold is rising, and the gold powder is sold to order due to the shortage of the manufacturer's stock. * In order to make it easier for you to purchase, we will sell them one by one (half). * Please note that each item is made by hand and not completely round. * The white butterflies are made of natural materials, so there may be slight color unevenness.
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This is a modern Japanese-style earring with shiny green lacquer and seasonal flowers (twill) expressed in makie (Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder) and mother-of-pearl (mother-of-pearl decoration). The contrast between the soft texture of lacquer, gold lacquer, pastel mother-of-pearl and calm color of lacquer makes this item look elegant and cute. In addition, there is a mother-of-pearl in 1 sheets of white butterfly shell on the back side, so it has a beautiful natural shine. This is a Japan beauty item that can be worn without being too showy as it is about 2 cm worn without being too showy. ☆ The more you use the lacquer or makie, the more beautiful it becomes and the more shiny it becomes, so you can enjoy the change according to the year and year. ☆ Lacquer has natural antibacterial and waterproof effects, so you can wear it without worrying about sweat and rain. ☆ Urushi Earring Miyabi is made with a traditional Japanese technique so that it can be used for a long time. This is a pair of earrings that I would like you to take care of, "from your mother to your daughter" and "from your daughter to your grandchild". How do you like the beauty of Japan in your new daily life? ・ Lacquer coating. Without using chemical paint or synthetic resin paint, natural lacquer is applied 6 times to give a glossy finish. The natural lacquer becomes stronger and more colorful as time passes. ・ Makie (Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder or pigment) : This is a Japanese expression of painting and patterns using lacquer techniques that have been handed down in Japan for about 1,300 years. The powder will be polished with care and hand-shift, and the shine will increase. ・ Mother-of-pearl (pattern). This mother-of-pearl is a traditional technique called "Fusezaishiki" that colors the reverse side of natural shellfish to prevent color fading and fading. By using natural glue, it is safe for the body and expresses vivid color. The characteristic of this item is that although it is colorful, it shines brightly when exposed to light. The petals are mother-of-pearl. ・ Mother-of-pearl (lining). The part that comes in direct contact with the skin uses a slightly thick white pearl to add durability. It has been polished after being applied 1 times with lacquer, so it has a very beautiful finish. ・ Urushi-e. It is a traditional technique to paint with "colored urushi" which is a mixture of natural urushi and various pigments. As time goes by, the original color of the lacquer disappears and becomes more vivid. The leaves and stems are Urushi-e.
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