Fish sauce Atarime

[Product] ■ Product Name : Dried Seafood atarime) ■ Content : ● Name : Dried Seafood (Atarime) ● Ingredients : squid (from Hokkaido), sugar, salt, kelp soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat), fish sauce (saury, salt), kelp soup stock, bonito soup stock, shiitake soup stock ● Contents : 40g ● Expiration date : 90 days ■ Manufacturer name : Siosai Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin : Japan ■ Size : (250 mm x 150 mm x 20 mm) 30 bag (cardboard, 350 mm x 390 mm x 110 mm) ■ Material : Packaging : Plastic ■ Usage : [Product Notes] ■ Storage method : Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
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It is a delicacy seasoned with soup stock of kelp, shiitake mushrooms and bonito. With Nemuro fish sauce, this is a superb dish with a rich flavor. [What is Atarime?] It is a traditional Japanese delicacy that squid's internal organs are removed and dried. The name' surume' is also widely known, but there is a theory that the word' saru' (literally, a man) was changed to' hit' because the word' saru' (literally, a man) is not auspicious. [Fish sauce] This product uses Nemuro fish sauce "Sanma" as a seasoning, even if it is Atarime. The hidden flavor is the "Nemuro Fish Sauce" made from saury, which is made from kelp stock, bonito stock, seasonings. The flavor changes depending on the delicate level of the spoon, so after trial and error to find the most suitable amount, a flavorful Atarime was completed. It's a soft bite, and the more you chew it, the more the flavor overflows. How about "fish sauce" with sake? Nemuro Fish Sauce "Sanma" is a Fish Sauce made from Nemuro saury. You can also buy this in TOCOOMALL. The saury in Nemuro City, Hokkaido, is the largest catch in Japan. Shiosai Co., Ltd. is making saury, a Nemuro fish sauce, in order to spread the word. Fish sauce is made by pickling fish in salt for a long time and fermenting it, so it is a seasoning that the flavor of fish is condensed. In addition, Shiosai's fish sauce is made by a unique method, so you can enjoy the natural sweetness of fish without any smell.
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