[8. Souvenirs] 3 Foldable Eco-Bags ”Kyoto Pattern” & 1 Canvas Bag ”Five-Storied Pagoda” Set

The set consists of three foldable eco-bags with designs of Kyoto, Sushi, Fushimi Inari & Maiko, and one canvas bag with designs of five-story pagoda & Maiko.

All of the designs are filled with the charm of Kyoto and Japan.

The foldable eco-bag has a clasp so that it can be easily packed into a smaller size.
They are popular not only for personal use but also as gifts.
Why don't you feel Japan close at hand by using our special bags?

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Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is a city that is visited by many foreign people and gives them a sense of Japan.

We have a store in such an elegant place and offer various souvenirs to tourists.
We offer a variety of souvenirs to tourists.

In Japan, eco-friendly bags are becoming more and more popular.
After the pandemic is over, please bring this bag with you when you visit.

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■ Product name: 3 foldable eco bags (Kyoto pattern) & 1 set of canvas bag (five-storied pagoda)
■ Contents: 3 foldable bags, 1 canvas bag
■ Name of manufacturer: N&N FIND JAPAN
■ Country of origin: Kyoto, Japan
■ Size: Foldable eco-bag: 545 (W) x 405 (H) x 65mm (G) (excluding handles)
Canvas bag: 360mm (W) x 375mm (H) x 110mm (G) (excluding the handle)
■ Material: Polyester and canvas

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