[4. Beverages] Concentrated Yuzu drink

This yuzu drink is made with all domestic ingredients.

This is a diluted type of additive-free, flavorless yuzu drink made with yuzu from Kochi Prefecture and tensai sugar from Hokkaido. Dilute 1 part undiluted to 6-7 parts water to make a delicious yuzu drink. You can also make your own original drink by mixing it with shochu, soda, or carbonated water. Adjust the strength to your liking and enjoy.

If you add hot water, you can make a hot yuzu drink.

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About Shimanto Domeki Kanpani Co.


We bring you good things from Kochi and Shimanto.

Old-fashioned food products made by sparing no effort to work with seasonal ingredients and not against nature. Delicious, safe, and natural food. Food that is kind to nature and enriches the Shimanto region.

Natural food nurtured by the rich nature of the Shimanto River, the last clear stream in Japan.

Shimanto is a lush green place where the Shimanto River, known as the last clear stream in Japan, flows, and the Shimanto River is a source of abundant river food and green laver. It is one of the few places in Japan where you can catch natural eels, sweetfish, and penaeid shrimp, all of which have wonderful taste and texture. In such Shimanto, we gather information about the region, create products, and sell them. We are a regional trading company that connects the thoughts of local people with local products.

We aim to create new values for the food culture and lifestyle that have been handed down from generation to generation in the region, and to create products in the Shimanto region with the aim of promoting fair trade in the countryside.

In the Shimanto region of Kochi, there is a lot of traditional food culture. We would like to convey this to more people, to get them interested in Shimanto, and to have them visit Shimanto someday. I hope they will visit Shimanto one day and share their impressions with others. I want you to share the excitement that only those who have visited can feel.

We will create and introduce to you something that can only be found here!

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■ Product name: Concentrated Yuzu drink
■ Contents: 500ml
■ Name of manufacturer: Shimanto Hyakushou Kampani Co.
■ Country of origin: Japan, Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture
■ Size: 60 (W) x 60 (D) x 300 (H) mm
■ Ingredients: sugar (from Hokkaido), yuzu juice (from Kochi)
■ How to use: One bottle makes about 3 liters of yuzu drink. The harmony of the natural sweetness of Hokkaido's tensai sugar and the refreshing flavor of yuzu. Add to beer for a beer cocktail. Use in gin-based cocktails. Add to whiskey.

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