HIME-LIA olive oil (plain & iyokan,lemon,yuzu flavor set) in a wooden box

【Product details】

■ Product name: HIME-LIA flavored olive oil set (Iyokan, lemon, yuzu) in a decorative box                                

■ Ingredient name: Edible olive oil (manufactured in Toon City, Ehime Prefecture), Iyo citrus peel, lemon peel, yuzu peel

■ Contents: Iyokan flavored olive oil 137g x 1 ・ Lemon flavored olive oil 137g x 1 ・ Yuzu flavored olive oil 137g x 1

■ Manufacturer name: Hodakamura Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin, Japan

■ Size: (Width 155 x Depth 50 x Height 200 mm display)

■ Material: Body (bottle) cosmetic box

■ How to use: Please enjoy by cooking for raw consumption and for heating.

[Notes on products] ■ It may become cloudy at low temperatures. There is no problem with the quality, so please return to room temperature before use.

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<< You who care about your health and beauty! Recommended for >>                                         【The story begins with a coffee shop】 Sakawa Corporation, the parent company of Hodakamura, is a blackboard manufacturer that has been in business for 100 years. On December 8, 1976, when the blackboard shop building was being rebuilt in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, the company started a coffee shop, Hotaka-mura, on the first floor.
When he added homemade dressing to the snacks on the menu, it became popular among customers, and many asked him to sell it. This was the beginning of Hodaka Village's dressing production. After that, we began to produce olive oil, which we loved, and in 2018, we were able to commercialize olive oil with a truly delicious and satisfying taste and quality, using our experience as a dressing manufacturer for over 40 years.
In 2018, we were able to commercialize a truly delicious and satisfying taste and quality olive oil using our experience as a dressing manufacturer for over 40 years.
The name "Hime-Lia" is a combination of "Ehime" (Ehime) and "Familia" (Spanish for family), with the hope that families will enjoy meals together using olive oil pressed in Ehime.
As the name implies, the product is loved by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. 
Commitment of 【HIME-LIA olive oil】                                                         HIME-LIA Olive Oil was developed in response to doubts about the safety of commercial olive oils and the deterioration of their taste due to oxidation.
Our commitment to freshness In order to maintain the freshness of olive oil to the maximum extent possible, we import olives harvested in Spain, the home of olives, and freeze them immediately.
They are then thawed and pressed at our factory in Toon City, Ehime Prefecture.
This process has been patented.                                                          【Commitment to raw materials】The olives used in this product are grown by contract farmers in Teruel, Aragón, Spain.
The use of pesticides is forbidden in Spain due to legal regulations on pesticide spraying. It is very safe and one of the reasons why Spain is so proud of its olives.This is one of the reasons why Spain is so proud of its olives.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)                                          【Flavored olive oil boasts citrus fruits from Ehime Prefecture】All the citrus fruits used in our flavored olive oil come from Ehime Prefecture. Rather than adding flavors, we press the citrus peels together with the olive fruit to maximize the flavor and taste.
【No fragrance is used】Our popular Iyokan, Yuzu, and Lemon flavored olive oils are not flavored.
The peels of the citrus fruits from Ehime are pressed together with the olive fruit to create a flavored olive oil with the highest quality aroma and taste.                                                                   【Nutrition and efficacy of olive oil】 Olive oil is 100% olive juice made by squeezing fruits. The main component is oleic acid. It is an omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid and is said to be an oil that does not easily oxidize.
This oleic acid is known to...  
・Reduces bad cholesterol without decreasing good cholesterol in the blood
・Suppresses the accumulation of neutral fat
・Stimulates the intestines to prevent constipation.
・Prevent overeating.
Other antioxidant nutrients such as polyphenols and vitamin E are also contained.                       

【Characteristics of taste】
 ① Less miscellaneous taste and habit: One of the reasons why you feel that you are not good at olive oil, "unique smell" is suppressed.
There is no oiliness due to oxidation.
② Smooth in the mouth
The oil is mild to the touch and not sticky.
You can easily drink it straight away.
③ Fruity
This oil is rich in the natural flavor of olives.
When you open the package, you will be greeted with a fruity aroma.
You can also enjoy the flavor coming out of your nose.
It brings out the natural sweetness of olives to the fullest, and is a perfect match for any dish.                           【Recommended daily】 intake: 1 to 2 tablespoons.                            

【Recommended Use】
・Pour over kimchi.
・As a sauce for dumplings and sizzling.
・Pour over noodles or add to soups.
・Pour over steamed fish or meat dishes.
・Sprinkle on natto.
・Pour over fruits, yogurt or ice cream.
・Add to boiled vegetables.
・Add to smoothies.
・Use with soy sauce, miso, fish sauce and other seasonings. 
【Environmental consideration】It takes 60 kg of olive fruit to produce one batch of oil.
Even so, only 10% of the oil is produced.
Most of the raw material is left as "pomace".
It would be a waste to dispose of the oil after each pressing.
It puts a burden on the environment.
We have been working with Ehime Prefectural Iyo Agricultural High School to establish a way to reuse the oil.
In 2020, we succeeded in harvesting olive mushrooms using olive pomace as a culture medium, and we are continuing our research for mass production.

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