[2. Foods; Soup] Potage Assortment Value Set

This is a great value potage assortment set.
It contains 8 boxes of 4 types of potage, 2 each of Gold Corn Potage, Potato, Pumpkin and Onion. No chemical seasonings or preservatives are used.

~Example of cooking~
Boil water or milk, pour it into the deep dish with the powder, and adjust the thickness to your liking. If you like, you can add croutons, parsley, or fresh cream for a more delicious and authentic taste.

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・Many ways to use it! For those who want to enjoy authentic restaurant-grade soup easily. ~For busy people who don't have a lot of time - Just hot water with bread is all you need for an easy, rich breakfast.

・For those who are busy and don't have time to eat, just hot water with bread is enough to make a rich breakfast. Some of our customers regularly purchase this product to send money to their children who are far away. If you don't have much time, you can eat it with bread for breakfast, or bring it to work and eat it during your lunch break.


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■ Product name: Assorted Potage Value Set
■ Contents: 2 boxes of Gold Corn Potage (20g x 8 bags), 2 boxes of Potato (20g x 8 bags), 2 boxes of Pumpkin (20g x 8 bags), 2 boxes of Onion (20g x 8 bags)
■ Ingredients: <Golden Corn Potage> sweet corn powder, dextrin, sugar, starch, food made mainly from milk, powdered oil and fat, salt, onion powder, soy sauce powder, yeast extract powder, cheese powder, protein hydrolysate, protein-enriched whey powder, fermented seasoning, carrot powder, spices, soy sauce Fermented seasoning, carrot powder, spices, celeriac powder/thickening agent (guar gum), flavoring, gardenia color, (contains milk, wheat, soybeans) <potato>potato powder, dextrin, oil and fat powder, starch, sugar, salt, food made mainly from milk, onion powder, cheese Powder, soy sauce powder, buttermilk extract powder, fermented seasoning, spices/flavoring, acidulant (contains milk, wheat, soybeans) <Pumpkin> Dried pumpkin flakes, sugar, potato starch (non-genetically modified), mashed potato, skimmed milk powder, oil powder, salt, protein concentrate Whey powder, lactose, dextrin, edible vegetable oils and fats, cheese, creaming powder, fermented extract, protein hydrolysate, onion extract, soy sauce, spices, celery extract, chicken extract, processed cream, carrot, garlic, color (carotenoid) (contains milk, wheat, and soybeans as ingredients) <Onion> starch, powdered oil and fat, dextrin, sugar, food made mainly from milk, onion powder (onion, wheat flour), salt, dried mashed potato, yeast extract powder, cheese powder, soy sauce powder, protein hydrolysate, fermented seasoning, spices, celery up powder, flavoring, caramel color, (some ingredients are included) Flavoring, Caramel color, (Contains milk, wheat and soybeans)
■ Country of origin: Hokkaido
■ Best Before: About 1 year from production
■ Storage: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
■ Manufacturer: Hokkaido Dining Co.

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