[1. Snacks; Japanese sweets] FUGA AMAAMA Monaka assortment

A monaka made with 100% red bean paste from Hokkaido that brings out the full flavor of the azuki beans grown in this magnificent land.
The fresh aroma of gyokuro tea leaves from Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture, and its moderate astringency are exquisite in this monaka.
Monaka made with sweetened chestnuts with astringent skin kneaded into high-quality white bean jam.
Flavorful monaka made from Tanegashima-grown anna sweet potatoes, which have a high sugar content of around 16 degrees when raw, and around 40 degrees when baked for a long time.

This is an assortment of four different kinds of monaka.

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Monaka is one of the most popular Japanese sweets. It is a sandwich-like product with a skin like an ice cream cone on the outside and anko inside.

Anko is a paste of red beans and is a common ingredient in wagashi (Japanese sweets). The skin part has almost no flavor, so you can enjoy the taste of the filling.

Please enjoy the taste of Japan.

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■ Product name: Fuga amazake Monaka assortment MO-CO
■ Contents: Hokkaido red bean mochi: x 3, sweet chestnut mochi: x 3, Annona sweet potato mochi: x 3, Yame tea mochi: x 3
■ Manufacturer name: Saishokobo Co.
■ Country of origin: Japan
■ Storage method: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
■ Allergies: None
■ Best Before: 90 days from date of manufacture

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