[1. Snacks; Salmon jerky] Fish sauce SAKETOBA 40g x 30bags

Salmon jerky is made by grating half a piece of autumn salmon, slicing it lengthwise into thin strips with the skin still attached, washing it in seawater, and drying it in the sea breeze. It is made thin and soft for easy eating, and flavored with Nemuro fish sauce. It is delicious as a snack as well as with drinks.

【How to eat】
Seared and eaten as is.
You can also tear it into small pieces and mix it into your daily cooking to add a different flavor.
You can also lightly grill it in a frying pan and serve it as is.
You can also heat it in a microwave oven.

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Full of umami! (Some people translate umami as “savory.”)
Sanma fish sauce finish.
Good for snacks and refreshments.

"Toba" the Japanese word for salmon jerky, is written in kanji as winter leaves, and is a winter tradition in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions. There is also a theory that "Toba" is derived from the Ainu word tupa "grated salmon, cut into smaller pieces and dried.

Fish sauce salmon toba is made with fish sauce made from saury for a rich flavor.

Nemuro City in Hokkaido boasts the largest catch of saury in Japan.
Shiosai Co., Ltd. produces Nemuro fish sauce "Sanma" in order to spread the word.

Fish sauce is made by marinating fish in salt for a long time and then fermenting it, resulting in a condensed seasoning with the flavor of the fish.
In addition, Shiosai's fish sauce is made using a unique process that allows you to taste the natural sweetness of the fish without any odor.

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■ Product Name : Dried Seafood Products
■ Ingredients : salmon (from Hokkaido), sugar, salt, kelp broth, bonito broth, shiitake mushroom broth, saury fish sauce, rice black vinegar
■ Contents : 40g
■ Best Before : 90 days after being made
■ Manufacturer name : Shiosai Co.
■ Country of origin, Japan : Nemuro City, Hokkaido
■ Size: 250 mm (length) x 150 mm (width) x 20 mm (thickness) x 30 bags
(cardboard box, 350 mm (length) x 390 mm (width) x 110 mm (height))
Please keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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