[1. Snacks] Shonan Gold Gummies, 10 pieces

A new kind of orange that brings happiness.
The new variety was developed by the prefecture by crossing golden orange with Imamura Onshu.

It is characterized by its bright yellow color, elegant sweetness, and gorgeous fragrance.
The Shonan Gold is used to make these resilient gummies.

The more you chew, the more the flavor comes out.

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§Trivia of Shonan Gold§

The production of mandarin oranges in western Kanagawa Prefecture has been decreasing year by year due to consumers' shift away from mandarin oranges and the fact that they are being pushed out by mandarins from well-known production areas. In addition, there is a citrus fruit called "golden orange" along the warm coast, but although it tastes good, it is small, difficult to eat, uneven and unappealing, and its production is small, so it is rarely sold in the market.

The Kanagawa Prefectural Agricultural Technology Center took notice of this and spent 12 years developing Shonan Gold, which has the ease of eating of Mikan and the taste and aroma of Golden Orange. The small size of the fruit, which was one of the weaknesses of the golden orange, has been solved by crossing it with the Onshu mandarin, and it has a sugar content of up to 12 degrees and a gorgeous aroma.

The consumption of fruits in Japan has been decreasing year by year, and in order to recover the consumption, fruits that are affordable, easy to eat, delicious, safe and good for health and beauty are required. Shonan Gold is a citrus fruit that meets all of these requirements: it is reasonably sized, has a good balance of sweet and sour flavors, and has a gorgeous aroma. Recently, it was discovered that Shonan Gold has a much higher level of narylutin, a type of flavonoid, than other citrus fruits. Narylutin is a substance that is said to have an inhibitory effect on hay fever and allergic rhinitis, and it is said that the fruit contains 3 to 5 times more narylutin, and the peel contains 6 to 8 times more.

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■ Product name : Shonan Gold Gummy
■ Contents:55g 10 pieces
■ Name of manufacturer: Natures
■ Country of origin: Kanagawa, Japan
■ Usage:Consume as is.
■ Please be careful when opening the package.

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