Genderless Hybrid Cool Mask UV Cut / Cool Touch / Moisture Absorbing / Releasing Function Mask Cool Mask S, M, L Each Size 1 Color 2 Piece Set

[Product] ■ Product Name : Hybrid Cool Mask ■ Contents : (Outer Fabric : Nylon 86%, Polyurethane 14% Toray quup ® LT Made in Japan) Tricot jersey Lining : 100% Cotton White Batiste Lawn High Quality Made in Japan) ■ Color : Ice Milk, Midnight Ocean, Ice Gray, Ice Blue, Ice Pink * Please choose from 5 colors. ■ Manufacturer name : ASAP CREATION Co., Ltd. ■ Country of Origin : (Materials : Japan, Production : Japan) ■ Size : S-teen size 10 years old and up, M medium size, L large size (Please refer to the size chart photo) * Please choose a size from 3 sizes. ■ Material : Outer : Nylon 86%, Polyurethane 14% Toray quup ® LT Made in Japan Tricot jersey Lining : 100% Cotton White Batiste Lawn ■ Usage : Can be washed every day and used many times. As it is a filter pocket type, you can filter as you like. [Product Notes] ■ Due to the print processing, the pattern may become thin. If you wash the dark color together with the white one, the color may change. Do not wash with other things. ■ The function is based on the function of the fiber itself, the technology of the thread and the weaving technology, so it is not related to the washability. Deterioration due to aging is expected.
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Collaboration product of LIFE ALIVE and snail _ project can be used for 1 years. It is cool in summer, and it is comfortable and easy to breathe by preventing hot mask in winter, and you can customize the filtering by yourself with the filter pocket type. Adjustable with an adjuster. Easy can be used for can be used for more than 6 months or 1 years. Outer Fabric : High Moisture Absorbing Nylon Cuprate quup ® LT Used Tricot Jersey Made in Japan Using High Moisture Absorbing Nylon Cuprate Contact Cooling / Moisture Releasing / UV Protection / 2 Way / High Quality Non-Transparent Functional Material Creamy off-white Cream off-white + print processing 4 colors Available in 5 colors Lining : Cotton Fine Count Strong Twist Voile Loan (Made in Japan) Sewing : Domestic High-Class 3 d Inner Maker [Function Value] Outer Fabric : High Moisture Absorbing Nylon Cuprate (Made in Japan, Toray) Q MAX 0.100 or More W/CMSQ Q MAX 0.283W/CMSQ (About 2.8 times the contact cooling performance of the normal type. ) Lining : Cool Touch Cotton Q MAX 0.295W/CMSQ ~ q MAX 0.320W/CMSQ (Has approximately 3 times the cool touch performance of normal products. ) Contact Cool / Moisture Releasing / UV Cut / 2 Way / Comfortable Functional Material with Transparency Protection Quup ® LT is made of high moisture absorbing nylon with special particles to enhance transparency and contact cooling effect. It has less stuffiness and stickiness cool touch and less stuffiness and stickiness. The lining fabric is made of cool and cool cotton that has been sold out many times. I tried combining popular materials in our company. The monogram print work was very difficult due to the texture and characteristics of the fabric, but it was finished by redoing it many times and pouring in professional wisdom and technology. In the three dimensional sewing, the adjustment in 1 mm units is repeated, and attention is paid to the feeling and the skin. This item is made with attention paid to the cool touch and ease of breathing while maintaining the three dimensional feel by layering 3 sheets of 100% strongly twisted cotton lawn that has a soft and comfortable surface and a cool texture on the back. This item is perfect for the lingering summer heat and the climate in the beginning of fall. This is a fun color pattern that can be used by children who don't want to be masked. Children can also wash it by hand. No matter how many times you wash it, it won't lose its shape. It is functional from fiber to thread, so it does not affect washing very much. Can be used for more than 6 months. If you use it carefully, it can be used for more than 1 years. This is a sanitary item and cannot be returned. Limited quantity on hand * This product will be donated through the snail _ project as a support for children in various situations. snails_project You're you, okay? From Genderless to Human Beyond gender, constraints and concepts An artist activity focusing not only on gender, but also on "people" holding up a message brand. * Our company supports activities to support children in various situations through the snail _ project. LIFE ALIVE Live (+ compassion) Development of products centered on sustainable and comfortable materials based on in-house development Focusing on Dynamic Manufacturing from Fibers This product is a sustainable product made with high quality, safe and secure materials by ASAP CREATION Co., Ltd., a development company, and is trusted by many professionals who handle luxurious and high-brand products from all over the world. [Customer of the customer] Purchaser ① This is my third purchase. This is my third purchase. My son who doesn't like non-woven fabric masks only does this (lol), so I'm going to buy more. I bought Midnight Ocean this time. It's cool. I like the design and functionality very much. Also, it is made very carefully and it seems to be recommended to wash hands, but I wash the dirty part by hand and then put it in a net and wash it in a washing machine. It doesn't wrinkle even with no iron and dries quickly, so I'm very satisfied. Buyer ② Surprise I changed to this mask and my rough skin got better! I found this mask on because it is comfortable to use. I wonder if it worked, my rough skin got better. Buyer (3) NO CHANGE NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I WASH IT! HIGH Cospa! Repeat purchase! I bought this in summer and used it with my family. It feels really comfortable in summer, and I think it was the most refreshing compared to other items. Even though it was hot, I didn't feel stuffy and sticky, and I feel that I continued to wear a mask comfortably. I used it for about 3 months, and I was surprised that I washed it dozens of times, and I sometimes put it in the dryer. There are no holes, no stretching or tearing of the rubber, and no deformation. It is late now, but I thought that there is no other quality like this, so I decided to buy this one again for washing.
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