Rich Flavor of Nemuro! Fish Sauce Grilled Scallops Mantle 55g

■ Product name : dried seafood
■ Content : ● Name : Dried Seafood ● Scallops (from Hokkaido), sugar, salt, kombu dashi, bonito dashi Shiitake stock, saury fish sauce (saury, salt) ● Contents : 54g ● Shelf life : 90 days
■ Manufacturer name : Siosai Co., Ltd.
■ Country of origin : Japan
■ Size : (250 mm x 150 mm x 20 mm) 30 bag (cardboard, 350 mm x 390 mm x 140 mm)
■ Material : Packaging : Plastic
■ Usage : [Product Notes]
■ Storage method : Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
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The scallop mantle is seasoned with saury fish sauce and baked to a rich flavor. It is also recommended to use it as a snack to go with alcohol, and for deep-fried.

In Hokkaido, which is rich in fishery resources, the production of fish sauce has been actively promoted in the past 10 years. The ingredients are different in each area, but when it comes to Nemuro City, it is saury. The use of saury as an ingredient is rare in Japan, and its unique flavor is its feature.

The "Fish Sauce Grilled Scallops Mantle" is a delicacy made from dried scallops from Hokkaido and marinated in Nemuro fish sauce "Sanma" for a rich flavor. Without using chemical seasonings, it is seasoned only with fish sauce, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, and bonito broth, giving it a natural and rich flavor. When making fish sauce, the innards of saury are carefully matured and fermented, and the original manufacturing method is used without any odor. Soy sauce made from soybeans has a sweet taste, but this fish sauce suppresses the sweetness and has a refreshing taste. Adding it as a secret ingredient in a dish makes it more flavorful. In the first place, fish sauce is decomposed at the stage of maturing, and it becomes rich in the ingredients that make it flavorful and rich. When used as a seasoning, it brings out the flavor of other ingredients.
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