High Quality Cosmetic Brush Old goat Flower / Gradient Red Shadow Brush

■ Product Name : High Quality Light Wool Flower / Gradation Deep Red Shadow Brush ■ Contents : Contents. 8g
■ Manufacturer : Tsubokawa Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
■ Country of origin / region : Japan
■ Size : Total Length 125 mm
■ Material : Wool : White Yellow 尖鋒 Wool, Shaft : Cherry Blossom
■ Usage : Please do not press the tip of the strongly.
[Product Notes]
■ About storage. The tip of the hair is delicate, so please store it in a pouch etc so that the hair won't become a habit. When to replace. Some hair loss may occur. However, if you use the product more often and hair loss is noticeable in the middle of use, please consider it as a guide for replacement. Also, if the hair is worn out and the tip of the hair becomes short, please think of it as the time to replacement. About washing. After using the powder and teak, gently tap the powder, and wash only you are concerned about the dirt. Please soak the tips of your hair in lukewarm water and wash them by stroking them with soap bubbles. After washing, put it through a comb, adjust the shape, and dry it in a well-ventilated place for about a week. Store in a well-ventilated area.

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The blend of the phantom "old wool" and the red gradation axis with a fresh and stylish radiance. "Old Wool" is the hair of the back of the baby goat with less abrasion, and the tip of the hair is delicate and supple, and it is perfect for a makeup brush. The tip of the hair is delicate and easy to blur, and the fine texture of the finish is good. The material and warmth of the wood are valued, and the roundness that fits in the hand expresses the gentle and plump atmosphere of women. It is a brush that brings a relaxing and heartwarming moment.

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